The “Flaming Hot… Five Reasons Why” Tag

Greetings, Martians.

I promise this somewhat enigmatic title has a good explanation! Basically, this is a tag where you choose five swoonworthy characters from movies or television and explain why you find them swoonworthy, allotting no more than five sentences apiece. The tag originated with Thoughts All Sorts and Realweegimidget Reviews, but I was tagged by Rachel @Hamlette’s Soliloquy.

So let’s get down to it! Five characters, five sentences each. We can do this… as long as we don’t get distracted by all the marvelous swoonworthiness. 😉


Steve Rogers

It’s no accident I’ve chosen a photo of Bad Boy Steve from Infinity War, widely acknowledged by competent judges as the swooniest Steve. Is it the beard? Is it the black suit? Is it the self-actualization and personal growth? Who knows… but whatever it is, I can’t get enough of it.


I may have a love-hate relationship with The Mandalorian, but my adoration for its central character is as simple and uncomplicated as the man himself. He’s steady, pragmatic, and reliable. He’s proven himself over and over as an unselfish caretaker and loyal guardian. Plus, he looks dang good in a suit of armor. What more does a girl need?

Leo McGarry

When my brother asked me to name the hottest male character on The West Wing and I said “Leo,” he raised his eyebrows, but responded, “I can see it.” I am often drawn to competence rather than confidence. To men who don’t need to trumpet their strengths because everybody already knows they can get the job done. Leo isn’t the flashiest member of the team, but he is by far the most competent. And of course, he has all the gruff protectiveness I find irresistible.

Colonel Brandon

Colonel Brandon is one of those characters where the actor makes all the difference, and many Austen fans have a strong preference for either Alan Rickman or David Morrissey. For me, it’s Morrissey all the way. His performance vibrates with a barely controlled anger at the injustices of the world in general and the injustices of John Willoughby in particular. Yet his tender scenes with Marianne and Eliza leave no doubt that this anger stems from an ultimately healthy place–a desire to nurture and protect. Personally, I think that’s very sexy of him.

The Tenth Doctor

The Tenth Doctor is definitely the wildcard on this list. Four eminently steady gentlemen and one immortal trash fire. I have nothing to say in my own defense, except that he’s played by David Tennant, who makes even being a rat bastard in a trench coat look good. 😛 Besides, his eyes are so saaaaaaaaaaaaaad. He just wants to be loooooooooooooooved…


On that (slightly embarrassing) note, let’s wrap it up! What do you think of my choices? Did any of them surprise you?

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24 thoughts on “The “Flaming Hot… Five Reasons Why” Tag

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  1. I’m with you on Mando. Who knew a full suit of armor could be so… enticing…

    I prefer my Colonel Brandon to be the Alan Rickman variety, though actually, I’m more partial to the actual book Brandon than either Rickman or Morrisey. He really is wonderful.

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    1. I tell ya, I was sorely tempted to include that hilarious Tumblr post that said “Not to sound like a repressed Victorian maiden, but you can see Mando’s bare wrist in this shot…”

      I agree, Brandon is lovely in the book, although he didn’t quite “come alive” in my imagination until I saw Morrissey’s performance. Perhaps that’s why I love that movie so much. Alan Rickman is brilliant in the 1995 film and has great chemistry with Kate Winslet, even if he doesn’t fully suit my image of the character.

      Thanks for tagging me, Rachel! I had fun! 😀

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  2. Ooh, this looks like a fun tag! Do you mind if I steal it? I know almost all of the characters on this list and I like all of the ones that I know. It’s always so interesting for me to see who other people’s crushes are. I don’t know why. I just find it interesting.
    Anyway, this was such a fun post to read.

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    1. Not at all! Steal away, steal away! 😉 I’d love to see your answers!

      Oh, for sure. You always learn a little more about a person by the characters they enjoy and find attractive.

      Thanks, McKayla! Glad you enjoyed it ❤


  3. This was fun to read and…surprised me but also didn’t surprise me, if that makes sense.
    “Competent but QUIET ABOUT IT” is a really attractive trait to me too. Same for protectiveness. I want to feel SAFE but I don’t want you to MAKE A FUSS. I haven’t met Leo McGarry but he sounds wonderful.

    I also have only seen the Emma Thompson S&S, and would never have thought of “anger” as a particularly Colonel Brandon trait, but…I completely see it?

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    1. Heehee! I enjoy surprising people 😉

      Leo is a dear, indeed. I think you would love him.

      Yes!!! That’s one of the best things about David Morrissey; he respects Alan Rickman’s performance and doesn’t try to duplicate it. He takes it in a completely different direction (righteous anger) that still makes total sense with the character. And it’s awesome.

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  4. The Flaming Hot Tag lives! 😀 I participated in it almost exactly one year ago, and I’ve seen it continue to pop up now and again ever since. In fact, when I saw your post, I immediately wondered if I’d tagged you! (But upon more reflection, I don’t think we’d even actually “met” yet.) It had already been in play about a month when I was tagged, and it’s absolutely wild to see the ripple effect is still going strong.

    The rules have evolved somewhat since my entry, too – the most significant shift being from a general “five reasons” to a simplified (but probably challenging) “five sentences.” That much freedom is dangerous for a girl like me, because I expounded quite a bit upon each and every one of my “reasons” (which I’m sure surprises you not at all 😉). Five sentences sure would’ve saved me some time! But the original way allowed me to sort of review and recommend each of the films that featured my characters and, of course, to gush to my heart’s content. ❤ Here the link, if you’d like to take a peak:

    I must admit I’m mostly unfamiliar with your men. No Infinity War (though Steve Rogers is pretty – WOW! 😀), Mandalorian, or Doctor Who for me yet, plus it’s been years since I watched The West Wing and I’ve only seen that version of Sense and Sensibility once. I do know who David Tennant is though, and apparently, he can do anything. 🙂

    Otherwise, I unfortunately don’t know enough to add any gushing of value, except to say this was such a fun read! 🙂 Congrats on packing a punch in five sentences each. (The Doctor was my favorite. 😀) I was also going to comment on a pattern I noticed in your choices, but I think you summed it up well with “four eminently steady gentlemen and one immortal trash fire” – LOL! 😉

    By the way, do you have Prime Video in your life yet? I only ask because if I were going to make a list today that expanded beyond classic film, Michael Ball’s character from That Day We Sang would probably be right up there. (Like you, I tend to go more for inner qualities than external. ❤️) We’ve talked about this before, and you mentioned you might be getting it soon – and now I’m too curious to keep from bugging you about it. 🙂 (If not, it’s on Tubi as well, which is free – if you don’t mind commercials.)

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    1. Haha, yes! Now I’m imagining the Flaming Hot Tag rising up in a wreath of flames like Mushu from Mulan yelling “I LIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!” It lives, and it thrives 😉

      Lol, I’m rather glad for my own sake that the tag evolved from “five reasons” to “five sentences,” because “five reasons” would probably end up with me making super pragmatic bullet points for each entry, like a shopping list, and I fear that would take all the romance out of it 😉

      I actually think I remember reading your Five Reasons Why post at some point last year?? I’m reading it over now and it’s very familiar, so I must have come across it at some point! Great choices, all ❤

      David Tennant can indeed do anything, God bless 'im. I laugh over what an outlier the Tenth Doctor is on my list–he's unlike any other of my favorite male characters, and I'm quite sure I'd never choose anyone remotely similar to him as a real-life partner. But I sure do love watching him onscreen… *dreamy siiigh*

      I sadly do not have Prime Video yet! I need to get on that! Although I'm waffling between that and renewing my Netflix account so I can watch the final season of Derry Girls… decisions, decisions 😉 Anyone played by Michael Ball is an automatic A+ choice, though!


      1. Oh my goodness, you and I are on the same wave length because I used that gif in my post without even realizing someone else had considered it. XD

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  5. Because you did this I bit the bullet and did it, too. XD So thank you for that.

    Steve with a beard is great, and my favorite part of it is that what I was thinking was said out loud with Thor: “Notice you’ve copied my beard.” XD

    I admit that I am attracted more to a voice than to how someone looks and in all of the two The Mandalorian episodes I’ve seen, Mando has a very swoon worthy voice. XD

    The GLARES that David Morrissey gives that scream, “HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT” is enough to send anyone’s heart palpitating. *goes off in search of smelling salts*

    Still need to see Dr. Who, but I have a feeling that the Doctors will be my weak point. XD

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    1. Ahhh!! You did the tag! I MUST VIEW YOUR ANSWERS POSTHASTE

      Oh, absolutely. A person’s voice makes a big difference for me as well, and Mando has been blessed with an Excellent one 😉

      THE GLARE. YES. THE GLARE. That one scene in the ballroom… it’s so freaking hot. I don’t care who hears me say it.

      The Doctors are everyone’s weak point, it’s fine XD


  6. Steve, yessssss! Although Chris Evans is rather a cheesy actor. Also I was a Bucky girl originally (still am).
    It was the Mystery™ with Mando.

    I haven’t watched West Wing, not my thing. I prefer cocky competence myself, lol. Not Stark though (more Steve/Bucky/Thor/Falcon kind). Cocky and intolerable arrogant conceit are not that same.

    I’ve always found the age difference and the physical looks of both movie Colonel Brandon’s so repulsive, I had a hard time with even the book character until after watching Matthew McFadyen in Little Dorrit (Arthur Clennam is a Colonel Brandon type) and thinking of him that way.

    I also can be super basic and find literally all the main guys in Bridgerton attractive even while laughing at their absurdity.

    My current crush is in the tv series The Rookie which I recently started and am obsessed with. Cocky competence . . . Bradford of course. Also kind of crush on West too (yes, I know he’s gay).

    Also, I love the description “immortal trash fire.” The 10th doctor was the one I’d want to watch, but I barely tried it. Not sure I’m Doctor Who material.

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    1. Bucky is a very good boi. And you’re right, mystery was a big part of Mando’s appeal! I honestly prefer him with the helmet on, lol!!

      I can definitely appreciate cocky characters sometimes, and The West Wing has quite a few of those (Josh, Sam, etc.) But quiet, unassuming, reliable Leo was always my favorite.

      Well, that is a valid point of view 😉 Oh yes, I agree, Matthew Macfadyen would be an EXCELLENT choice to play Colonel Brandon!

      The Rookie–I had never heard of that show until you mentioned it, so of course I had to look it up! Sounds like a lot of fun 😀

      Doctor Who is kind of “a law unto itself.” Either you love it or you just… don’t. Which is totally okay! But yes, David Tennant is An Absolute Delight ❤


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