Lately I’ve Been Watching …

*removes helmet and goggles* Squadron Leader Katie reporting for duty! I've been thinking about reviewing Loki for a while now, but I couldn't seem to muster the energy for a full post, the way I did for WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. There were several other TV shows I wanted to blog about,... Continue Reading →

Star Wars: Personality Types!

Ever since I started my personality series on this blog, friends have asked me to type the Star Wars characters. I always promised I would oblige "some day" ... and lo and behold, today is that day! Shout-out to the wise and wizardly Charity @FunkyMBTI, who helped me nail down these typings, and The Sorting... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Star Wars Ships

Today is the last day of the Everything Star Wars Blogathon! For our grand finale, I wanted to do a post exclusively devoted to Star Wars romances. Because what's a blog party without a little fangirling, mm? I'm gonna talk about my favorite SW couples, or potential-could-have-been couples, in no particular order. That is, I'm... Continue Reading →

The Disney Star-Wars-Verse: Ranked!

Good morning, young Padawans. On Day 1 of the Everything Star Wars Blogathon, I wrote about why I love Disney Star Wars (aka "the new stuff").  For Day 2, I'm going to be ranking "the new stuff," all recent Star Wars content, according to my own personal enjoyment. These weren't easy rankings to come up... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Disney Star Wars

The Everything Star Wars Blogathon has officially begun!!!! Who's excited? BECAUSE I'M EXCITED! *blaster fire in the background* Don't pay those Storm Troopers any mind, darlings. They'll never manage to hit anything. 😛 For Day One of the blogathon, I've decided to kick things off by writing about why I love Disney Star Wars. Disney... Continue Reading →

The Everything Star Wars Blogathon!

THE SKY'S AWAKE, SO I'M AWAKE, SO IT'S TIME TO PLAAYYYYY-- Oh, wait, wrong fandom. 😛 But you'd better believe it's time to play!!! Today is the first day of the Everything Star Wars Blogathon, hosted by yours truly and yours truly's awesome pal, Eva-Joy @Coffee, Classics, and Craziness! We're celebrating everything we love about... Continue Reading →

That Really Long, Gushy, OTP Post

Ordinarily ... I'm a pretty nice person. Under stress, I am not a nice person. Under stress, like (say) a massive global pandemic coupled with weeks of isolation & boredom, Fun, Easygoing Katie disappears, to be replaced by Drill Sergeant Katie: liable to smack people down at any moment for even the smallest offenses.  Some... Continue Reading →

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