The 12 Days of Christmas Movie Tag

Merry Almost Christmas, lads and lasses! *passes around eggnog* (which I actually have never tasted in my life but whatevsssssssssssss) The mighty Rachel @Hamlette's Soliloquy came up with a delightful movie tag based on the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas," and since that's one of my all-time favorite Christmas carols, I figured, why not... Continue Reading →

A Question of Gender

Quick! Name a story with an all-male cast! [For the sake of argument, I'm defining this as "a story where no woman has a significant speaking part or affects the plot in any meaningful way."  Women can be present, but, like, in the background.] Have you thought of any? Because I've thought of a whole... Continue Reading →

Persuasion: Hottest of Hot Takes

Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austen novel, so here I am at last, with a long-overdue Rant™ about it!!  Fun times!!!  You've been waiting for this day for simply ages!!! *groans from the audience* Okay, here's the thing.  We know the story, right?  Anne Elliot falls in love with a hot Navy guy when she's... Continue Reading →

The Five Songs + Five Characters Tag

The mighty Rachel @Hamlette's Soliloquy (you don't mind being called 'mighty,' I hope, Rachel? 😉 #nod to Thor) recently included me in the Five Songs + Five Characters Tag.  I may or may not have sQUEALED WITH DELIGHT when she did so:  because associating songs with fictional characters is basically my life's work, and I... Continue Reading →

The Seven Questions Book Tag

This tag came courtesy of my awesome pal Eva @Coffee, Classics, and Craziness . . . and, it's all about books.  Ergo, I'm doing it.  😀 Eva's Seven Questions What's the first book you can remember reading? A children's study Bible that we had in the house.  I was five, I think.  I remember painstakingly... Continue Reading →

Just Star Wars Things

First things first: Have you seen the new Rise of Skywalker trailer? Well.  Now you have. Being an avid Star Wars fangirl, I (of course) have Thoughts™ kicking around in my brain after watching that.  Which I'd like to share with you.  Pleeze be advised that many of said thoughts are not favorable to Kylo... Continue Reading →

It’s So Classic Blog Party

Greetings and salutations, nerds and bookworms! There's a blog party about classic literature going on right now at Rebellious Writing, and the loverly Olivia @Meanwhile in Rivendell tagged me . . .  so, here we are! The Tag Questions 1. What is one classic that hasn't been made into a movie yet, but really needs... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Realm Makers

Howdy! I've been absent most of this month, and I apologize, but there's a very good reason why . . . I was at Realm Makers!!!! For those of you who don't know, Realm Makers is a yearly speculative fiction [fantasy/sci-fi] writers' conference, held each July.  For those of you who do know, because you... Continue Reading →

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