The Sunshine Blogger Award (Again!)

Would you look at that ... it's another Sunshine Blogger Award! Rachel @Hamlette's Soliloquy very kindly tagged me, then Olivia @Meanwhile in Rivendell threw her questions open to anyone who wanted to answer--so here I am "with my hair in a braid," as P.G. Wodehouse would say, ready to answer! Thanks, friends! ❤ Tag Rules:... Continue Reading →

The Disney Prince Book Tag

*whistles innocently* "Ooh-de-lally, ooh-de-lally, golly, what a day ..." Hey, this is the Disney Prince Book Tag, so why not start off on the right foot with a Disney song? xD The delightful wizard Allison Tebo conjured up this tag for the blogosphere's mutual enjoyment, and she was kind enough to include me! Thank you,... Continue Reading →

I’m Getting Published (Yes, Really!!!)

Remember that anthology project I spotlighted here on the blog a while back? Well, my story got accepted (*CUE THE UNEARTHLY SCREAMING*) and today I can proudly present to you: Coming Winter 2020, Faces to the Sun is an anthology of stories, poems, and artwork about mental health awareness. This is an #ownvoices project, which... Continue Reading →

A note on how I experience stories.

You guys know that scene in “Umbrella Academy” where Five answers the door, adult beverage in hand, and his whole attitude is just … just … That's my Entire Mood for 2020, and I Cannot Lie.™ (like, without any actual alcohol.  but you understand.  it’s the SPIRIT of the TIMES.) Regardless of my mood, I’m... Continue Reading →

The West Wing: Personality Types

Yes, I am here, lovelies, with YET ANOTHER "personality types" breakdown.  This time, we're looking at my esteemed favorite TV show, The West Wing. Y'all probably think I've gone crazy, but there's a good explanation for my recent explosion of typing posts, I promise!!  Namely, a) boredom and Stress™ b) re-watching and re-reading favorite stories... Continue Reading →

The Queen’s Falconer: Review

What ho, what ho, what ho! It's time for the latest release in Charity Bishop's Tudor Throne series, Book 5: The Queen's Falconer!  And here I am, ready to review it! But first, a synopsis: The Twelve Nights of Christmas have come to the Tudor court. Lambert Simnel has never wanted to draw attention to... Continue Reading →

One Bad Apple: Author Interview!

Howdy, friends and neighbors! I'm here today with my good pal Rachel Kovaciny, talking about her newest book, One Bad Apple! One Bad Apple is the third installment in Rachel's Once Upon a Western series of Western-inspired fairy tale retellings.  You can find it on Goodreads here, and on Amazon here. First, a little synopsis... Continue Reading →

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