The “Flaming Hot… Five Reasons Why” Tag

Greetings, Martians. I promise this somewhat enigmatic title has a good explanation! Basically, this is a tag where you choose five swoonworthy characters from movies or television and explain why you find them swoonworthy, allotting no more than five sentences apiece. The tag originated with Thoughts All Sorts and Realweegimidget Reviews, but I was tagged... Continue Reading →

#Five Fall Favorites

Happy fall, everyone! I'm sliding in at the end of the week to participate (unofficially) in the #Five Fall Favorites blog party, hosted by the lovely Kate (Willis) Hoppman @Once Upon an Ordinary! Today's prompt is "Top Five Historical Fiction Finds," and we all know I can never resist the temptation to gush about historical... Continue Reading →

“Miss O’Reilly’s Nemesis” Release Day!

Hello again! I have another free story available TODAY with Havok Publishing! "Miss O'Reilly's Nemesis" is the sixth episode in my ongoing time-travel series, "The Green Room Files." In today's adventure, sparks fly as Miss O'Reilly crosses paths with an old antagonist... "Miss O'Reilly's Nemesis" will be free to the public today only, Wednesday, September... Continue Reading →

The Pride and Prejudice Wars

Return with me, if you will, to a distant time nearly lost in the mists of history... the early 2010s. It was a wild and primitive age, the 2010s, when warring tribes of conservative Christian girls fought pitched battles over Pride and Prejudice on the Internet. When defending the wrong Mr. Darcy in the wrong... Continue Reading →

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