The Honestea Tag

'Sup. I know I've been doing a lot of tags lately, but it's summer vacation, so who's keeping track? Anyway, when Olivia @Meanwhile in Rivendell invited me to fill out The Honestea Tag, I sprang to the task "with my hair in a braid," as Bertie Wooster would say. This tag was pretty much designed... Continue Reading →

The Heights We’ll Fly To: Release Day!

Hello again! Remember last December when my short story "The Selkie's Gift" appeared in an ocean-themed anthology called The Depths We'll Go To? Well, I'm pleased to announce that the companion anthology, The Heights We'll Fly To, is now available for purchase--and this time, two of my stories are part of the lineup! "Blue Wings"... Continue Reading →

Isabella’s Daughter: Review!

Hail and well met, fellow readers! Today I'm reviewing Isabella's Daughter, the seventh and final book in the Tudor Throne series by Charity Bishop. Isabella's Daughter marks the end of an era in more ways than one. For the past seven years, I've eagerly snatched each new book as it released, following the continued adventures... Continue Reading →

The Jolly Genre Jubilee Tag

What do you know, it's tag week again! My delightful friend Christine Smith @Bright Words in Darkened Worlds tagged me for the Jolly Genre Jubilee game, which is all about the fictional genres we love and hate to write. I've really been enjoying reading everybody's answers, because people's tastes differ so wildly. One author's dream... Continue Reading →

The Great Gatsby: Dream Cast

Hello there, old sport. Today I've teamed up with the fabulous Eva @The Caffeinated Fangirl to bring you our dream cast for The Great Gatsby! Sure, there have already been four Great Gatsby movies, including a critically acclaimed 2013 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. But Eva and I are of the opinion that you can never... Continue Reading →

Thanks, Prince Ivan!

Well, folks, all good things must come to an end. Femnista, Charity Bishop's literature, film, and art review site, is closing down after ten delightful years. It was an amazing experience being part of the Femnista staff and working with so many talented women. In honor of all the fun we had, I thought I'd... Continue Reading →

The Fandom Favorites Tag

What ho, lads! It's been too long since we've done a fun tag around here, hasn't it? Never fear, the lovely Eva-Joy @The Caffeinated Fangirl just included me in her newly created Fandom Favorites Tag! Thanks, Eva! ❤ ~The rules~ Compile a list of up to ten of your favorite fandoms. Books, movies, TV shows—you... Continue Reading →

The Cinderella Problem

Good morrow, lords and ladies. We're here to talk about... *drumroll please*... Cinderella! I've wanted to write a Cinderella post for a long time, because I think Cinderella is one of the hardest fairy tales to tell (and retell) properly. This stems from something I've come to refer to as "the Cinderella problem." Which, by... Continue Reading →

“Human” Release Day!

Happy April, everybody! (Nope, not Happy April Fools' Day... we don't do that here. :-P) I have a new story available TODAY at Havok Publishing! "Human" is the sequel to my previous story "Run." This chapter of Rahel and Altan's journey is told from the point of view of a wolf who wants to protect... Continue Reading →

16 Kinds of Crazy: Review!

What ho, what ho! I just finished reading 16 Kinds of Crazy: The Sixteen Personality Types by Charity Bishop. Although when I say "finished reading," I don't mean I breezed through it in a week. Oh, no. This book is a solid chunkster, nearly 400 pages long. It's best to read it slowly to give... Continue Reading →

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