One Bad Apple: Cover Reveal

Gather 'round, folks ... gather 'round! *waves you over to the campfire* My dear friend, Rachel Kovaciny, is publishing the third book in her Once Upon a Western series, and we're here today for the cover reveal!!! *excitement, intensifying* Once Upon a Western is a series of fairy tale retellings set in the Old West. ... Continue Reading →

Part Two: Enneagram!

*dances, gently, in the rain* So my MBTI post got an INSANE response from y'all (I love you guys ❤ ), and I promised I'd do a follow-up post explaining the Enneagram.  Often presented as a kind of "rival" to the MBTI system, Enneagram actually works best when you pair it with cognitive function theory,... Continue Reading →

Everything I Always Wanted to Say About MBTI

*sips black coffee* Greetings, comrades. So, MBTI, amiright?  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the world's best-known personality sorting system.  MBTI holds great sway over the wild lands of the Internet, is earnestly preached by corporate managers in their beige-painted boardrooms, annnnnnnnd ... kind of gets an eye-roll from everybody else.  In my experience, anyway.  Either because... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Blogger Award

What ho, gents! Two excellent pals, the lovely Miss Holmes of Gondor and the charming Maribeth, have tagged me for the Mystery Blogger Award ... and, coming off a miserable, stress-ridden week of pandemic emergency scares (long story, we're all good now), I couldn't be more grateful for the distraction. ❤ Mystery Blogger Award: Rules... Continue Reading →

My Favorite BookS (Plural)

I have a confession to make. *glances around furtively*  *whispers* I don't have a favorite book. I don't!!!  I tried and tried for years to single out a favorite book, and I just can't do it.  I can't even break out a "top-favorite-BUT-here-are-my-other-second-favorites-running-close-behind" list.  Any time I single out a top, supreme favorite, I feel... Continue Reading →

That Really Long, Gushy, OTP Post

Ordinarily ... I'm a pretty nice person. Under stress, I am not a nice person. Under stress, like (say) a massive global pandemic coupled with weeks of isolation & boredom, Fun, Easygoing Katie disappears, to be replaced by Drill Sergeant Katie: liable to smack people down at any moment for even the smallest offenses.  Some... Continue Reading →

Reading: Rage Edition

Greetings and salutations, fellow Worms of Books. (Was that too weird??  Sowwyyyy.) This is a post about my #reading #life of #late, and maybe, I don't know--maybe it'll come across a little too harsh.  I hope not.  But here we go anyway. It's now March, so we're three months into 2020.  I've read fourteen books... Continue Reading →

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