The Depths We’ll Go To: Release Day!

Hello, hello! I'm excited to announce that The Depths We'll Go To is now available for purchase! The Depths We'll Go To is an ocean-themed anthology of poetry and short stories edited by Alex Silvius. The collection spans a variety of genres, from sweet romance to thrillers to ghost stories. There's something here for everyone...... Continue Reading →

The Give Thanks For Books Tag

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving, everyone! What better way to celebrate the holiday weekend than a Thanksgiving-themed book tag? Luckily for us, the mighty Rachel @The Edge of the Precipice has created the Give Thanks for Books Tag, and very kindly included me. Thanks, Rachel! ❤ ~The Rules~ 1. Thank the person who tagged you. 2. Fill out the... Continue Reading →

“Run” Release Day!

Hello, friends! Just letting everybody know I have another story available TODAY at Havok Publishing! "Run" tells the story of a female warrior who encounters a child soldier and faces a difficult choice... I jokingly call "Run" my "Star Wars story" because it was inspired by The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch. So if you're... Continue Reading →

Romance Tropes: Ranked!

Good morrow, fair sirs and madams! (Sorry. Weird Shakespearean impression. Won't happen again.) Today I'll be ranking my favorite and least favorite romance tropes.  I got the idea from a few friends’ Instagram stories, where they were doing “quick rankings” of different tropes using emojis.  I couldn’t help noticing that my own reactions to those... Continue Reading →

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