That Really Long, Gushy, OTP Post

Ordinarily ... I'm a pretty nice person. Under stress, I am not a nice person. Under stress, like (say) a massive global pandemic coupled with weeks of isolation & boredom, Fun, Easygoing Katie disappears, to be replaced by Drill Sergeant Katie: liable to smack people down at any moment for even the smallest offenses.  Some... Continue Reading →

The Welsh Gambit: Review

Book review time! The Welsh Gambit is the second book in Charity Bishop's The Tudor Throne series, which releases September 7th.  Charity gave me an ARC copy--a development which, let me tell you, I had long awaited, because Book 1, The Usurper's Throne, was fantastic and I NEEDED MORE.  (I reviewed it here.) (Btw, you... Continue Reading →

Camp NaNo: Recap

Camp NaNo . . . ah, where to start? It was quite the experience.  I had never tried any sort of NaNoWriMo before, so going into July's Camp I was a little skeptical.  "Will this be fun?  Will it be useful?  Will it drive me absolutely insane??  Will it turn me into a purple-haired troll... Continue Reading →

Five Fan Videos

[Note:  This being my inaugural post, I had planned to write some boring “About Me” stuff, for a proper introduction; and then it occurred to me the best way to introduce yourself is to talk about what you love.  So . . . here we are.  Fan videos.] Fan videos make me happy. Mostly, I... Continue Reading →

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