The Seven Questions Book Tag

This tag came courtesy of my awesome pal Eva @Coffee, Classics, and Craziness . . . and, it’s all about books.  Ergo, I’m doing it.  😀

Eva’s Seven Questions

What’s the first book you can remember reading?

A children’s study Bible that we had in the house.  I was five, I think.  I remember painstakingly sounding out all the weird, weird names (drafting my mom for assistance every two minutes, of course.  Lol.)

First person or third person POV?

Welllllllllllllllllllllllll.  I only ever WRITE first person.  But I used to think I was totally unbiased when it came to reading–that I’d be equally happy to read third person, or first.  The other day, though, I picked up a book I expected to be written in first, found it was in third, and had this immediate, sinking, “AW I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE BETRAYED ME LIKE THIS” reaction.  So, clearly, I do have a preference. 😉

It’s not that I don’t enjoy third person stories.  (C.S. Lewis, Willa Cather . . .)  I just crave that extra dose of immediacy that comes with first-person narration, I guess.


What’s the longest series you’ve ever read?  (Page numbers, amount of books, or any other method of calculation)

I would say the Harry Potter books–one of the longest series ever written, by any estimation–except I CAN’T SEEM TO FINISH THEM CUZ THEY’RE SO DANG LONG.

*le sigh*

I mean it.  I bogged down in Goblet of Fire somewhere around page 400 of 600, and I don’t know if I shall ever recover.  It’s really tragic, y’all.  *cries*

Part of my issue, I think, is the fact that Goblet of Fire centers so heavily on the Triwizard Tournament competition, and I just . . . don’t like sports?  so I find it boring?  It bored me in the movie version, too; but the movie is only two hours long, no longer than the other installments, so it wasn’t any particular hurdle.


What book world would you least like to enter?

Frickin’ Oceania, from 1984.  (Have I mentioned before how much I hate 1984?)

What is your favorite place to buy books?

The local library’s book sale!  The selection is cheap, and varied, so you’ll usually come home with something decent, but you won’t have to worry about ‘wasting money’ if you end up disliking your purchase.

Who is your favorite sibling duo/trio/etc. in literature?

I’m going to go for a maaaaaaaaaaaajor throwback here and say the Boxcar Children.  Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny.

Gertrude Chandler Warner doesn’t get enough credit for how complex, layered, and mature those 19 original books were, for all they seemed so simple (and for all they’ve been buried under hundreds of unnecessary ‘sequels.’)  I love what she wrote.  I love the Alden children.  I love how Warner manages to strike the perfect balance between “clearly defined family roles” and “individual personalities whose quirks can constantly surprise you.”  Even now, I’ll sometimes pick up a Boxcar Children mystery and lose myself in their little world.

I always feel so safe in the presence of Henry’s cool-headed leadership.  I respect Jessie’s firm, caring practicality.  Meanwhile, Violet, the dreamer, the artist, the free spirit, is Everything I Aspire To Be (TM).  And last but not least, we have Benny, the irrepressible, the inimitable . . . the unforgettable.  ❤


Now, I get to make up my own seven questions!  Fun! 😀  

  • What’s one genre you used to avoid, but now love?  
  • Have you ever liked a movie adaptation better than the book?  Which book?  Why?
  • Name one thing about your favorite genre that you absolutely can’t stand.  Something you wish you could change.
  • When was the last time you shipped a non-canon book couple?
  • How often do you write ‘rant reviews’?  Or do you prefer to keep quiet if you didn’t like a book?  
  • Thoughts on Charles Dickens?  Love him, hate him, in-between him?  
  • Paperback covers:  glossy or matte?  

I hereby tag:


22 thoughts on “The Seven Questions Book Tag

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  1. I love Goblet of Fire. I like sports and games, so Quidditch was a huge hit for me in the HP books, not near enough of the details of that (i.e. the commentary) in the movies. So, I enjoyed the Triwizard Tournament, but I don’t think it was only that that drew me to the book. I just, yeah, the movie was the first HP I’ve seen, and I just am always drawn to that book.

    Ah, the Boxcar books. Henry was my first book crush. I don’t think I knew until adulthood that the other books were written by different authors.

    I’m going to answer in the comments. So here is a long comment.

    What’s one genre you used to avoid, but now love?
    I’m not sure I really have this, classics is too broad, I didn’t read many classics as a teen, well, I didn’t read much as a teen as I struggled with it, but I don’t uniformly love all classics. And I can’t really think of any genre that I love that I hated. I’m more likely to be surprised by liking one book out of the genre. For example, I don’t tend to enjoy biographies because of the tone and the not so great historical accuracy (of perspectives, of comparison, of relative importance etc.), but I seriously enjoyed Tolkien’s bio, but that one book doesn’t convert me to the genre, but to the author.

    Have you ever liked a movie adaptation better than the book? Which book? Why?
    Eva mentioned this in one of her posts, I pretty sure everyone who has ever read the book and watched the movie prefer the movie for Alcott’s The Inheritance. I think sometimes I enjoy versions of Emma (movie or webseries) to book, because I can’t stand Emma herself, and the while not written in first person (I’m opposite to you on that, I can struggle with first person a lot) it is effectively written in her point of view, which is an obnoxious one.

    Name one thing about your favorite genre that you absolutely can’t stand. Something you wish you could change.
    That there aren’t enough well-written books in it? I always feel that I’m running out of authors I can respect whose books I can also enjoy.

    When was the last time you shipped a non-canon book couple?
    I don’t think I usually do, because 1) I generally read books where the author fits the characters together well 2) Most of the books I read don’t have true love triangles. Most rivals are either a bad guy or a boring guy, etc. 3) If I don’t like the way the book is going, I won’t finish it, and 4) I don’t really care to put couples who wouldn’t work in the actual story world together. I’m more likely to not like a couple or not like how one character ends up being bad, than actually having another couple in mind.

    Jo and Laurie are the main couple I can think of, because it SHOULD be canon. I feel like there may be some smaller side characters couples I’d like together (like Luna and Dean), but nobody I’m really crying about.

    How often do you write ‘rant reviews’? Or do you prefer to keep quiet if you didn’t like a book?
    I’m better at criticism than elucidating why I like something, so yes to the ranting.

    Thoughts on Charles Dickens? Love him, hate him, in-between him?
    In-between. I loved much about his writing and conception, but the VERBOSITY, my stars, it’s hard to get through the books. Also, I do prefer a bit more character development, and his females are usually the worst in that department, they often lean toward only one characteristic. I haven’t read him in awhile though (because of all. the. words.).

    Paperback covers: glossy or matte?
    Matte, more elegant.


    1. Great answers! Loved reading them 😀

      I’m with you on the if-I’m-not-liking-a-book-I-don’t-finish-it thing. Life’s too short to slog through books you’re not enjoying.

      I definitely don’t ship Jo & Laurie in LW; I feel like they are wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much alike (and I don’t even love Laurie as a person?? he’s always annoyed me.) However, I have not read the book in a very, very long time; so I’m not actually sure what I would think of the Jo / Professor Bhaer ship, if I read it again.

      “THE VERBOSITY” haha, my feelings on Dickens exactly!! xD I did love The Pickwick Papers, but dude seriously needed to learn how to edit.


  2. Man, your questions are so good I almost feel like doing this tag again. 😀

    AND OH MY WORD YES TO THE BOXCAR CHILDREN. I read several of those books growing up and they were so beautiful and warm and cozy. LOVE THEM. I need to dig them up again. ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. Here we go…

        What’s one genre you used to avoid, but now love?

        Westerns. I thought they were super boring. Also fantasy because I thought all fantasy was way too magical for my tastes. Which…at the time most fantasy books probably were but I’ve Matured since then.

        Have you ever liked a movie adaptation better than the book? Which book? Why?

        Many, lol. I prefer the movie adaption of The Eagle of the Ninth to the actual book. It has that sort of depressing, gritty, timeless vibe and I just like the interpretation of certain characters better. Also…maybe the first Narnia movie? A bit? It just seems richer than the book. *ducks*

        Name one thing about your favorite genre that you absolutely can’t stand. Something you wish you could change.

        Favorite genre is westerns? I think? I’d have more amazing, strong women in westerns. Bc when there IS a great woman in a western, my love for it goes up by a billion. But a lot of westerns don’t have women or they’re really under developed. I hate it when all a western (or any story) has is one token female character.

        When was the last time you shipped a non-canon book couple?

        Probably back in my days of Les Mis obsession when I would ship Eponine and Cosette with any combination of barricade boys. Lol. I was so lame. 😛 But usually I don’t ship non-canon stuff.

        How often do you write ‘rant reviews’? Or do you prefer to keep quiet if you didn’t like a book?

        I only write rant reviews if I don’t know the author personally…and if I actually loathed the book. My rant reviews are few and far between bc usually if I hate a book that much, I won’t finish it.

        Thoughts on Charles Dickens? Love him, hate him, in-between him?

        “When [he] was good, [he] was very, very good; but when [he] was bad, [he] was horrid.” 😛 (As in, I love A Christmas Carol, Two Cities, and Great Expectations, but his writing style does get on my nerves at times.)

        Paperback covers: glossy or matte?

        Matte. Especially the really textured matte covers. When you come up, I can show you some great examples from my book collection. 😉



        Haha!!!! I’m sure glad you like Westerns and fantasy stories now–otherwise, you wouldn’t read my series 😉

        I’m going to pretend I’m NOT aghast that anybody possibly could like the LWW movie better than the book . . . *moves on hurriedly* 😛 (I mean everybody reacts differently an’ all; but THAT BOOK IS MAGIC AND THE MOVIE DOESN’T EVEN BEGIN TO CAPTURE THE AESTHETIC AND AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.)

        Amen!!!! We need more women in Westerns!!!!!! That’s honestly a big part of the reason why I’m writing what I’m writing; I was like, “L’Amour, my dude, I love you, but your stories give women the short end of the stick okay.” I want to see strong ladies having Western adventures, too!

        I love matte covers, too! I love how soft they feel. I can’t wait to see your book collection 😀 😀


  3. Awwwww, I was hoping I’d get tagged for this/had already decided to do it anyway, so thank you muchly! ❤

    Whhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do people write books that are 300+ pages too long?? Why?? I demand to know.

    "Frickin' Oceania!" Hehe 😀

    Oooohh, used book sales for the win!! I love library sales and thrift stores that have good book selections more than most other things in the Social Human World. 😛

    I only ever read a few of the Boxcar books, but I remember them being good. (Also, this is random, but I really like her choice of names for the four sibs? I don't know. I just like it. 🙂 )

    Thanks again for the tag! Looking forward to doing this. 🙂


    1. I’M GLAD! I always worry about tagging people cuz I don’t want them to feel pressured–but I would LOVE to see your answers! ❤

      Honestly, fam, I ask myself the same question. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Anything over 400 is too much for my smol sloth brain. I'm sowwy. 😛 I know some people love super-long books, but I am not of their number. (And I really believe that in MOST CASES *ahem* if your book is over that length, a bit of paring down wouldn't hurt.)

      FOR REAL THO. Oceania is so bleak. And pointless. The entire book is bleak & pointless. I is not a fan.

      Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny. You're right, there's just the perfect blend of "classy" and "casual" in there, with enough individuality you can easily tell them apart. I feel like I should be taking notes for when I name my own characters. 😉

      Looking forward to seeing it! ❤


  4. THE BOXCAR CHILDREN!! Oh my goodness – MY CHILDHOOD!! I loved that series to PIECES – and I adore those bright colorful covers, too!

    I kind of wish this was the 14 Questions book tag – because I love the questions you posed and the one’s Eva posed! *pulls hair out*


      1. *TACKLE HUGS BACK* Wow – do I remember those rainy days at the library and those colorful spines inviting me into the next Boxcar adventure! *sighs* Reading them in bed, ahhh, the memories!!

        It’s been a while, but I THINK the one I liked the most and probably related the most to was Jessie!

        There was also a book on a desert island where they met this boy who was sort of like Tarzan – do you remember that? I had an infatuation with Tarzan (still do) so I had a soft spot for that side character – haha!



      2. Awwwwww! I can totally see that! You are a lot like Jessie, you’re very “take charge” in a good way. ❤

        Yes yes yes!!!! Blue Bay Mystery! (#6) I loved that boy. Peter, his name was. He was such a smart, resilient kid.

        *REBEL FIST BUMP* Do it, do it!! Be free!!!!


  5. I only ever write in first person, and it is my favorite to read, too! You feel like you are there, in the moment!

    Yeah, Goblet of Fire took me a long time, too (four years, I think. I wasn’t reading it constantly.) But, Order of the Pheonix is one of my favorites!! The bad news is that The Half-Blood Prince draaaaaaagggggggss ooooonnn foreeeeevvvvvveeeerrr. Somethings in the movie make no sense, but I think they put them there to make SOMETHING happen.


    1. Absolutely!! I love how you feel so closely identified with the narrator–you feel like “this is me, I am really experiencing all of these things.”

      Well, dang it. *glances with trepidation at my pile of THICK, unread Harry Potter books* 😛


  6. I’m working on answering Eva’s questions too 🙂 You’re so right about the original Boxcar Children books! We only own that first 19 — the kids get the others from the library sometimes, but they’re just so… blah.

    Anyway, if you’re in the mood for tags, I tagged you here this morning…


  7. Loved reading your answers, and your questions make me want to answer (though I can’t). Our library has a used bookstore that’s my favorite place to buy books. They’re quality with great prices. I had a book haul from there this week. 🙂


  8. It makes me kind of sad you don’t enjoy Goblet of Fire, even the movie… since I think that’s my favorite of the HP films. I love that it’s focused on something apart from school. I loved the entire opening sequence, the craziness when the Weasleys came to pick him up, the darkness of the Death Eaters at the Quiddich World Cup, etc. But my mom bogged down in that book and never read the rest. So… I kinda hope you’re able to finish it, just to move on to the next book. 😛

    Aww, the Boxcar Children. They made up a big chunk of my childhood.

    I don’t really have a preference for third or first person when reading something, but it’s easier for me to write third person than first. First person seems to demand too many internal monologues and feelings and I just… don’t. LOL


    1. I know!!! I really wanted to love it 😦 And actually, I DID love the first part of the book–before the tournament proper started–like, the Quidditch World Cup was awesome! It’s just, after a certain point, when it feels like the Triwizard Tournament has been going on alllllllllllllllllllllll yeaaaaaaaaaaar and still isn’t finished, I’m like “welp. my attention span is shot.”

      I think what I’m gonna do is, wait a while, read some other books in the meantime–and then dive right into “Order of the Phoenix” without finishing “Goblet of Fire.” After all, I know what happens / how it ends. And I really do want to finish the series in book form. I love Rowling’s writing.

      Lurve the Boxcar Children. Which one did you find most relatable? I’m always Violet . . .

      ALL THE FEELS YES. That’s why I like writing it, I think. 😉 I actually can’t write in third person; I’ve tried and I just come out sounding horribly, horribly stilted and awful! I admire writers (like you) who can produce emotionally engaging third-person stuff, cuz I can’t.


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