Jane Austen: Personality Typings

Whaddup, dog. Today, we're sorting Jane Austen characters into MBTI types, Enneagram types, and Hogwarts houses--y'all ready??? I thought about doing individual posts for (say) the whole cast of a single book, but I think folks are more interested in the heroes' and heroines' types, than the side characters.  Or maybe that's just me.  I'm... Continue Reading →

The Raven Cycle: Personality Typings

My obsession with Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Cycle is no secret. So, whilst I twiddle my thumbs, waiting for that Raven Cycle Netflix original series I was promised (WHERE IS IT? I DEMAND TO KNOW), I'm going to type all five members of the original Gangsey: Gansey, Ronan, Adam, Noah, and Blue.  For each character, we'll... Continue Reading →

One Bad Apple: Cover Reveal

Gather 'round, folks ... gather 'round! *waves you over to the campfire* My dear friend, Rachel Kovaciny, is publishing the third book in her Once Upon a Western series, and we're here today for the cover reveal!!! *excitement, intensifying* Once Upon a Western is a series of fairy tale retellings set in the Old West. ... Continue Reading →

My Favorite BookS (Plural)

I have a confession to make. *glances around furtively*  *whispers* I don't have a favorite book. I don't!!!  I tried and tried for years to single out a favorite book, and I just can't do it.  I can't even break out a "top-favorite-BUT-here-are-my-other-second-favorites-running-close-behind" list.  Any time I single out a top, supreme favorite, I feel... Continue Reading →

That Really Long, Gushy, OTP Post

Ordinarily ... I'm a pretty nice person. Under stress, I am not a nice person. Under stress, like (say) a massive global pandemic coupled with weeks of isolation & boredom, Fun, Easygoing Katie disappears, to be replaced by Drill Sergeant Katie: liable to smack people down at any moment for even the smallest offenses.  Some... Continue Reading →

Reading: Rage Edition

Greetings and salutations, fellow Worms of Books. (Was that too weird??  Sowwyyyy.) This is a post about my #reading #life of #late, and maybe, I don't know--maybe it'll come across a little too harsh.  I hope not.  But here we go anyway. It's now March, so we're three months into 2020.  I've read fourteen books... Continue Reading →

The Dragon’s Flower: Review

Ever heard of a Book Aunt? If you haven't, it's all right. 😉  I doubt many people DO know that term, given it was coined by Wyn Owens and myself deep within the privacy of our midnight text-chain rambles.  #we're crazy #and we know it Basically, a Book Aunt is an alpha reader, but like... Continue Reading →

Warrior Women: Why We Need Them

Hullo, lovelies! It is I, your friendly neighborhood historian-turned-feminist-turned-novelist, and I'm here once again to talk about strong female characters. Stop me if you've heard the following complaint before: People will be looking at the MCU movies, the new Star Wars trilogy, or what have you.  They'll notice (quite accurately) a much higher percentage of... Continue Reading →

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