Calling all fantasy lovers…

Hello there, bookworms!

Do you like magic? Do you like romance? Do you like free stuff? If you do, you’ll want to pay attention, because I’m here to announce an exciting opportunity to read Charity Bishop’s latest novel, Night of Wonders, for free!

Night of Wonders is a clean YA fantasy adventure set in India with an all-Indian cast. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, email Charity at for a free ARC copy. Then post your review on Goodreads or Amazon when the book releases May 12. It’s that easy!


Get lost in a world of wonder and imagination!

Anik lives and works inside the magical Library, a place where the books whisper to each other and can come to life.

It’s a dangerous position for the ambitious young man, because he has hidden magic in a society that forbids it for his caste. If discovered, a witch known as a Dayan could remove his powers—and his soul, a fate that soon befalls his master, the Librarian.

For the first time in his life, he gets to meet the maharaja’s twin children, Nyan and Ishana, both near his age and powerful beyond compare. Each intends to compete in a Night of Wonders, a magical competition whose victor receives a chance to rule on the Cabal. Thousands of enchanters from all across India amass to compete, among them Anik’s former best friend, Rajan, who has great plans for India if he succeeds.

Though Rajan warns Anik not to get attached to the twins, he cannot help but fall in love with the beautiful Ishana, but her indulgence of the powers of darkness frighten him. To reach the competition, Anik must accompany the Library hundreds of miles through a haunted wood full of unseen threats. But that’s the least of his problems when something dark and terrible emerges from the depths of the Library.

A creature hated and feared among illusionists.

And he has only himself to blame…


Pretty cool, huh? I fell in love with Night of Wonders for its complex characters and vivid worldbuilding, and I can’t wait for this book to be out in the world!

Sign up for your ARC copy at today!

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