Lately I’ve Been Watching …

*removes helmet and goggles* Squadron Leader Katie reporting for duty! I've been thinking about reviewing Loki for a while now, but I couldn't seem to muster the energy for a full post, the way I did for WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. There were several other TV shows I wanted to blog about,... Continue Reading →

Legends of Western Cinema Week: Tag!

It's Legends of Western Cinema Week over at Hamlette's Soliloquy, Meanwhile in Rivendell, and Along the Brandywine! Are you excited? Because I'm excited! We're getting a whole week of Western-themed posts, games, a tag, and a giveaway! I'm a huge fan of the Western genre, even though I read and write Western novels more often... Continue Reading →

We need to talk about Inej in “Shadow and Bone.”

Hello, lovelies! It is I, your favorite nitpicky, never-satisfied, hyper-critical, especially-when-it-comes-to-female-characters blogger ... and I have Things to Say about Inej Ghafa in Netflix's Shadow and Bone adaptation. Before we go any further, let me be clear: this is not a critique of Amita Suman's performance. Amita Suman is an acting goddess. She showed a... Continue Reading →

The Last Fire Eater: Review!

Good day, lords and ladies! I'm here to review the sixth installment in Charity Bishop's Tudor Throne series, and my favorite book so far ... The Last Fire Eater! But before we get into my review, here's a little synopsis: Echoes of former violence still haunt the northern counties of England.Davina, a talented fire-eater with... Continue Reading →

Star Wars: Personality Types!

Ever since I started my personality series on this blog, friends have asked me to type the Star Wars characters. I always promised I would oblige "some day" ... and lo and behold, today is that day! Shout-out to the wise and wizardly Charity @FunkyMBTI, who helped me nail down these typings, and The Sorting... Continue Reading →

Smile, You’re On WandaVision

*materializes out of nowhere in a swirl of magical dust* Hello, hello! I'm here to review the Marvel universe's latest creation, WandaVision! I just finished watching all nine episodes, and I found the show utterly mesmerizing. I'd love to talk about it with you guys: but first, a warning! This post WILL contain spoilers, and... Continue Reading →

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