Night of Wonders: Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm here today to review Charity Bishop's new fantasy release, Night of Wonders! Night of Wonders is a YA historical fantasy novel set in India with an all-Indian cast. The book comes out this Friday, May 12th, and you can preorder it on Amazon for $1.99. Eighteen-year-old Anik works in India’s magical Library,... Continue Reading →

“Regretfully Yours, Miss O’Reilly” Release Day!

Hello again! I have a free story available TODAY at Havok Publishing! "Regretfully Yours, Miss O'Reilly" is the seventh installment in my time-travel series, the Green Room Files. Today's episode follows Miss O'Reilly and her nemesis-turned-reluctant-partner Mr. Devereaux to colonial Australia. There's mischief afoot in the Land Down Under... (resists the urge to start humming... Continue Reading →

“Miss O’Reilly’s Nemesis” Release Day!

Hello again! I have another free story available TODAY with Havok Publishing! "Miss O'Reilly's Nemesis" is the sixth episode in my ongoing time-travel series, "The Green Room Files." In today's adventure, sparks fly as Miss O'Reilly crosses paths with an old antagonist... "Miss O'Reilly's Nemesis" will be free to the public today only, Wednesday, September... Continue Reading →

Thanks, Prince Ivan!

Well, folks, all good things must come to an end. Femnista, Charity Bishop's literature, film, and art review site, is closing down after ten delightful years. It was an amazing experience being part of the Femnista staff and working with so many talented women. In honor of all the fun we had, I thought I'd... Continue Reading →

The Fandom Favorites Tag

What ho, lads! It's been too long since we've done a fun tag around here, hasn't it? Never fear, the lovely Eva-Joy @The Caffeinated Fangirl just included me in her newly created Fandom Favorites Tag! Thanks, Eva! ❤ ~The rules~ Compile a list of up to ten of your favorite fandoms. Books, movies, TV shows—you... Continue Reading →

The Cinderella Problem

Good morrow, lords and ladies. We're here to talk about... *drumroll please*... Cinderella! I've wanted to write a Cinderella post for a long time, because I think Cinderella is one of the hardest fairy tales to tell (and retell) properly. This stems from something I've come to refer to as "the Cinderella problem." Which, by... Continue Reading →

“Human” Release Day!

Happy April, everybody! (Nope, not Happy April Fools' Day... we don't do that here. :-P) I have a new story available TODAY at Havok Publishing! "Human" is the sequel to my previous story "Run." This chapter of Rahel and Altan's journey is told from the point of view of a wolf who wants to protect... Continue Reading →

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