“All’s Fair in Love and Prison Breaks” Release Day!

*Bernie Sanders voice*

I am once again offering a free story of mine over at Havok Publishing!

“All’s Fair in Love and Prison Breaks” is the sequel to “All’s Fair in Love and Time Travel,” which you may remember reading back in March. But you can easily read it as a stand-alone, too. If you’d like to see a time traveler blast his way into a French Revolutionary jail to rescue Charlotte Corday, then “All’s Fair in Love and Prison Breaks” is definitely for you!

“All’s Fair in Love and Prison Breaks” will be available for free TODAY only, Wednesday, July 21. After that, it will become part of the Havok archives, accessed through a $5 yearly membership. If enough people like the story, it has a chance of making it into Havok’s print anthologies, which are published every six months.

I’m so excited to share this adventure with you all! ❤

Happy reading, munchkins!

14 thoughts on ““All’s Fair in Love and Prison Breaks” Release Day!

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  1. I just read your flash fiction and it was awesome! I really enjoyed it even though I must confess I have no idea who Charlotte Corday is. XD I especially loved that opening line and the whole time travel element!


    1. Thanks, friend!! So glad you enjoyed it! ❤ Time travel is my jam! I love hopping between different historical eras.

      Ohhhh! *cracks knuckles* Charlotte Corday was a French woman who tried to stop the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution by assassinating (yes, literally, ASSASSINATING) one of the men she considered the ringleaders. In real life, it didn't work (well yes, she killed the guy, but it didn't stop the Reign of Terror, and she herself was guillotined.) But I still admire her for having the guts to do something, y'know? So I wanted to give her a happy ending.

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    1. Aaack! I’m so sorry!! You know what I need to do, I need to start announcing my release dates a week in advance, like “this story WILL be available next Tuesday,” as well as on the day of.

      But thank you!! ❤ Glad you like it!

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