I Write for Femnista (and You Can, Too!)

Calling all women writers!

It’s come to my attention that you lovely folks may not know I write for an online magazine called Femnista–and that you can, too!  Don’t be shy!  We’re looking for some new talent! 

The requirements are simple.  You just need to be a woman who likes writing about your favorite books, movies, TV shows, and Other Geeky Things.™

Femnista puts out an issue every two months.  Each issue centers around a single theme in literature, film, history, etc.  Most of our articles are nonfiction pieces, but I’m pretty sure I saw a Christmas-themed Sherlock Holmes fanfic in one holiday issue, so, y’know.  Think outside the box! 

I’ve been writing for Femnista for four years under the pen name Jessica Prescott.  I figured I would share some of my past articles here, to give you guys a better idea what we do. 

Be sure to check out our future themes and see if anything sparks your interest!  We’ve got a great lineup next year—“Family,” “90s Movies,” “Space,” “Adventure,” “Villains,” and much more! 

Hope to see you there!

8 thoughts on “I Write for Femnista (and You Can, Too!)

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    1. I hope so too!! I think we did, actually, get at least a few new writers so far!

      Haha! You’re the second person to give me that Christmas tag today–I love it!! CLEARLY, the people have spoken, and I must fill out the tag! 😉


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