The Everything Star Wars Blogathon: Round-Up!

Well, the Everything Star Wars Blogathon has finally come to an end.

*distant sobbing*

I had so much fun in that galaxy far, far away this past week … and I hope you did, too!

A HUGE thank-you to the brilliant Eva-Joy @Coffee, Classics, and Craziness for coming up with the idea for this blogathon and inviting me to co-host it with her!!! And enormous thanks to every single person who contributed, whether by writing these posts, reading these posts, leaving comments … this party would be no fun without you. ❤

We had twenty-seven entries, y’all. TWENTY. SEVEN. I am agog. But unlike Grantaire, I am not aghast. In fact, I am very, very pleased. xD

These posts represent an amazingly vivid, amazingly varied kaleidescope of perspectives on the Star Wars universe. I love how opinionated you guys are. I love how respectful and caring you guys are. I won’t lie, the Star Wars fandom as a whole may have disappointed me in the last few years … but you never disappoint me. And for that, I am so grateful.

*group hug*

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And here, we have the links to all 27 Star Wars posts!


Eva-Joy, “Why I Love Padme Amidala”

Eva-Joy, “Three Things I Love/Hate About Each Star Wars Trilogy”

Katie, “Why I Love Disney Star Wars”

Katie, “The Disney Star-Wars-Verse: Ranked!”

Katie, “My Favorite Star Wars Ships”  

Gabby, “7 Reasons Why I Love Solo”  

Gabby, “An Appreciation Post for Padme’s Wardrobe”

Hamlette, “Why Do I Love Han Solo?”

Hamlette, “Why Do I Love Cassian Andor?” 

Hamlette, “Why Do I Love Din Djarin?” 

Maribeth, “The Genius of John Williams”

Maribeth, “Tale As Old As a Galaxy Far, Far Away”

Charity, “Broken: A Star Wars Anti-Hero”

Charity, “A Girl Called Rey”  

Olivia, “All the Star Wars Movies, Ranked”

Olivia, “Star Wars Text Posts That Light My Soul”

Kate Willis, “My Favorite (Ill-Fated) Star Wars Ships”

Kate Willis, “The Magical Nostalgia of The Mandalorian”

Overly Devoted Archivist, “Why Palpatine’s Return Made Perfect Sense (+ Redeeming the Jedi Order)”

Allison, “The Star Wars No One Else Knows”

Ivy Miranda, “In Defense of Anakin Skywalker (and Hayden Christiansen)” 

Maya Joelle, “Movie Ranking + Random Thoughts”

MovieCriticQueen, “How I Am Like Luke Skywalker”

DKoren, “Star Wars: Rebels—Favorite Episodes“

Healed1337, “Turkish Star Wars” 

J-Dub, “Point-Counterpoint: What Kind of Movie Is Star Wars?”

Tiffany Brannan, “Breening Thursday #55: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones”


Go forth, my young Padawans. Read more Star Wars posts. Make new Star Wars friends. Above all, have fun.

And, as always …

May the Force be with you.

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