My Favorite Star Wars Ships

Today is the last day of the Everything Star Wars Blogathon!

For our grand finale, I wanted to do a post exclusively devoted to Star Wars romances. Because what’s a blog party without a little fangirling, mm?

I’m gonna talk about my favorite SW couples, or potential-could-have-been couples, in no particular order. That is, I’m not planning to rank them. (rank my children?!?! *gasps* tHe HoRrOr)

I must warn you, I have Unconventional Opinions when it comes to romance–and when it comes to Star Wars. Put the two together in a single post, and you get a whole cackling cauldron full of controversy. Read on at your own risssssssssssssssk *spooky witch’s voice*

Right, then, mates! Let’s get started!

Mando and Cara Dune

Am I basically the only person who stans this pairing? WHERE is the fanart??? *resigned sigh* O-KAY.

Obviously, Mando’s relationship with Cara stays on a “just friends” basis in the first season. I’m fine with that. But I see the potential for them to develop a strong romance based on that foundation–if I were the writer, it’s what I’d do. Ergo, I ship ’em.

Mando and Cara understand each other. They share a similar code (duty, loyalty, stoic strength) which doesn’t make sense to a lot of the folks they separately encounter. But the minute they find each other, they instantly begin speaking the same language. There’s a relief there, a relaxing into familiar patterns. They trust each other 100%. They respect each other. They comfortably fit into the same lifestyle–danger, disruption, the readiness to pack up and leave in a cloud of dust at a moment’s notice. Not many people (I think) could “keep up” with Mando, and not many could “keep up” with Cara … but together? They’re perfect.

So why not make them life partners?

For the record, I understand & value the argument that Cara and Mando should remain friends only, for the sake of representation, because we don’t have many healthy male-female friendships in fiction. However, I would argue we have so few truly healthy ROMANCES in fiction, it would be equally valuable to go the romance route. Especially since women like Cara–mature, tough, physically substantial warriors–don’t play love interests. They don’t figure in our visual culture as sexually desirable. Have you ever noticed this? I didn’t, until I watched this excellent video from the Council of Geeks. Sure, the tomboy archetype is “sexy.” But “tomboy” implies a woman young, impetuous, slender, and lithe enough to be considered boyish–or even mistaken for a boy. (Homoerotic undertones? Yeah! Absolutely! Do we have time to unpack them? No!) Once you’re no longer a “boy,” though, once you’re a woman solidly past 30 yet still presenting as “masculine,” writers don’t think of you as hot stuff any more. Male characters generally don’t see you as sexy. This is a stupid rule, and we should toss it out.

So again I say: let Mando and Cara Dune fall in love!

Rey and Ben Solo

Rey and Ben are a bit different from the other couples on this list, and from my #otps in general. Usually when I say I ship a couple, I mean “I could see them together in a committed relationship.” And I don’t see that for Rey and Ben, even if he had survived, which of course he didn’t. If Ben had survived, we’re talking years of imprisonment for war crimes (the guy WAS Mini-Space-Hitler until just a few days ago), and I just … I see too much potential for backsliding and a recurrence of his darker emotional issues under that kind of pressure. You know? This is not an auspicious start to any relationship, and I believe my girl Rey deserves better. So all in all, I’m fine with the fact that Ben didn’t survive and Rey is moving forward as a single woman.


For the last glorious hour of the Skywalker Saga, Rey and Ben fused into a magnificent romantic duo, and their first and last kiss is quite possibly the greatest triumph of all shipping history. I. said. what. I. said. They were brilliant together. I felt it. You felt it. My dad felt it. My cat felt it. WE ALL FELT IT.

“I did want to take your hand …

… Ben’s hand.”


Finn and Poe Dameron

Finn and Poe GIF - Γ©toile, Γ©toile, star Wars fan Art (42657896) - fanpop


StormPilot isn’t likely ever to become canon (when has that stopped me before, tho?? huh???) Still, I think I’m in fairly good company, seeing how Oscar Isaacs himself is the proud captain of this ship. Oscar’s been vocal about his hopes that his character could’ve been openly gay/bi and openly in love with Finn, but (I quote) “people are too afraid.” In other words, the man is straight-up calling the Disney corporate execs who control his future with the franchise, cowards … and if that’s not the most Poe Dameron thing ever, I’m not sure what is. πŸ˜›

An actor can’t determine the direction of the story, obviously, nor dictate fans’ interpretations. But an actor can put their own stamp on the script they’ve been given to work with. And looking back at the trilogy, I find many Finn/Poe scenes where I believe Oscar did just that.

It’s … it’s frustrating, because I definitely feel the natural chemistry between these characters whenever they share the screen, BUT at the same time, I’m irritated by the misdirection Disney threw into the mix. That’s my biggest complaint about the sequel trilogy, which I otherwise adore: the muddled romantic threads. “Is Finn in love with Rey? Is Finn in love with Rose? Is Poe in love with Rey? Wait, wait, no, is Poe in love with Keri Russell’s character whose name at the moment escapes me?” Clearly there was no intention of making any of these side flirtations endgame–since Finn and Poe are very much single, available, AND happily paired up as platonic life partners “co-generals” by the end of Rise of Skywalker–but Disney didn’t want it to be Too Easy to interpret things as gay, so they had to keep the audience guessing. It’s just dumb, and doesn’t serve their female costars well, either. *grumbles*

Oh, well. At least I have Poe’s adorable little smirk during the Force Awakens “keep it, it suits you” scene to console me. πŸ˜‰

If you don’t ship StormPilot, I understand. But I believe I am justified in concluding it’s at least as plausible for Finn and Poe to end up together, as any of the other potential pairings “teased” in this trilogy.

Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso

Ah yes … the only ship on my list no Star Wars fan will disagree with (heh) … the star-crossed lovers doomed to die together. Dang, we really need us some happy endings, don’t we? πŸ˜›

I’m kidding. I’m not mad that Jyn and Cassian died, and certainly not mad they died together. I think it was a bold, brave choice for the writers of Rogue One to allow their entire cast to lay down their lives for their mission. Because sometimes? Sometimes, in the real world, you don’t make it out. But that doesn’t mean you failed. Sometimes, it means you brought hope to an entire galaxy.

I mean, absolutely: my babies were soft and precious and perfect for each other and surely would’ve raised glorious RebelCaptain children in a wee little house in a safe little forest somewhere. DON’T THINK I DON’T FEEL THAT LOSS. I’m just sayin’. Just because the ending hurts, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Han Solo and Qi’ra

Yep, I am Going There, y’all. I am talking about Han Solo’s first love interest, Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke) from Solo: A Star Wars Story, and I am saying for the whole world to hear that I think Qi’ra was a better fit for him than Leia.

Let us pause to allow our audience to scrape their jaws from the floor. xD

Look, I liked Qi’ra a lot, and I loved Han’s dynamic with her. She was this beautiful wisp of a girl, an improbably delicate flower sprouting from the slums they were both raised in: living by her wits more than sheer strength. (Something which Han Solo has always understood.) Qi’ra and Han shared a dream of making it to freedom together, and even when Han lost sight of her for years, he still loved her. There’s romance in that, you guys. Romance which Appeals To Me.

Now, of course the writers made Qi’ra join forces with Darth Maul at the end of the movie, because they knew they needed to “clear the way” for Leia (ie, explain why Han was still single in A New Hope.) I suppose it’s better than killing Qi’ra off–at least they were trying to give her agency??–but still, IT’S NOT A FREE CHOICE. Cuz they’d been painted into a corner: either give her a villain arc, or fridge her.

I know Han and Leia’s romance is important to many Star Wars fans. I don’t count myself among that number. True, I can’t say with certainty that Qi’ra and Han would have had a “better” future than Leia and Han … but I can say I don’t love how Leia and Han turned out as a couple. And unlike Qi’ra’s “downfall,” it doesn’t feel forced to me: it’s just the way things are.

When The Force Awakens begins, Han and Leia have been long estranged. It would be easy to shift the blame for this rift onto losing their son, Kylo Ren, to the Dark Side. But that wouldn’t be entirely true. Instead, we learn from TFA and TLJ that Han and Leia’s marriage was on the rocks for years, even when Ben Solo was a child. They would fight, Han would leave in the Millennium Falcon for months at a time … and Ben’s anger at his dad’s constant absences helped push him to the Darkness in the first place. I’m not saying this is an excuse: I’m saying it’s a contributing factor.

These relationship troubles have their root in Leia and Han’s clashing personalities and clashing goals. They’re both abrasive, brash, and hot-tempered, already not the best mix. Leia is a career politician and military leader, who wants to stay in one place and build a legacy. Han hates responsibility, hates being tied down. He wants nothing more than unlimited freedom to explore the galaxy. Differences like these MATTER. Incompatibility MATTERS. No matter how strong your feelings for someone, if you can’t stand to live in the same house … you don’t just “overcome” that.

It is my belief that Qi’ra, as a softer, more fluid personality and a clear lover of the explore-and-range-and-scheme-and-con-people-out-of-their-money lifestyle, would have meshed better with Han Solo in the long run. She could have been his Pirate Queen. And I confess, that image warms my cold, unfeeling, unromantic heart. πŸ˜›


So there you have it, fellas! My favorite Star Wars ships! Do you see any of your own favorites here? Or do you disagree with every single one of my picks? (lol) Let me know in the comments!

This is my last post for the Everything Star Wars Blogathon! Tomorrow, I’ll be publishing a link-up for everyone’s posts, so you won’t miss any contributions.

I’ve had so much fun, and I’m so sorry this lovely blogathon has to end …

… so here is a picture of Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley looking S W O L E for absolutely no reason at all.

You’re welcome. πŸ˜›

Thanks so much for partying with us!!! ❀

36 thoughts on “My Favorite Star Wars Ships

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  1. I am awake really, REALLY early because I have to be at work at the early voting polls in two hours, and I’ve gotta post my second Star Wars article (*grins sleepily*)–but also I just wanted to leave at least one gushy comment on your blog for the party? This article seems like a great opportunity πŸ˜‰

    So I originally shipped Mando with Omera–but alas, alack, that clearly fell by the wayside–and now I am totally on board with Mando and Cara. ESPECIALLY since she was such a good mommy to the Sweet Pea in the final episode, packin’ him around like he was her infant. We cannot help but stan a strong tough woman who doesn’t mind displaying her tender instincts. And methinks Mando will swoon for anyone who loves his tiny son.

    You know who my fave is so I’m not even gonna wax eloquent here except to say…S W O L E Adam and Daisy are too beautiful.

    I. Need. To. See. Solo. NOW. To be honest, Han and Leia have never been my favorite romance, and I could see myself preferring Q’ira…but I shall defer full judgment until I see the film.

    (*whispers loudly*) but seriously though, imagine Ben Solo if Q’ira had been his mum.


    1. Oh my, that sounds intense!! Good luck at the polls today! I’m so glad you stopped by to leave a gushy comment (WE LOVES THE GUSHY COMMENTS, PRECIOUS) and I’m so excited to read your Reylo post!

      Yessssssssssssss! That’s something I always adore, both in male and female characters–toughness mixed with tenderness/protectiveness. And Mando and Cara both have those qualities in spades! Which would make them a good fit for each other, methinks. πŸ˜‰


      You do, oh my goodness!!! You need to see it!! It’s just this delightful fairy tale dynamic, I was so swept up by it. I think it might be very much your thing.

      “imagine Ben Solo if Qi’ra had been his mum” *UNINTELLIGIBLE SQUEALING*


  2. Ooohh, juicy post this one. πŸ˜‰ I agree with a lot of your ships, actually!

    I’ve already stated my uncertainty about Rey and Ben, but I’m definitely not NOT on board with it. I’m just… slowly turning it over in my mind, hehe. πŸ˜‰ And I do agree, even if I did ship it, I don’t think long-term they wouldn’t worked super well. But I wasn’t mad about it.

    CASSIAN AND JYN YES. Also that picture of them having RebelCaptain children?! *cries happy tears*

    Ok, but you know what? *whispers* I actually do agree with you. I think Qi’ra suits Han better than Leia. Mostly just due to personality – Han and Leia grated on me somewhat because they seemed to spend more time bickering than actually… like, loving each other? And I don’t mind some fun banter in relationships, but I could foresee SO many issues in their relationship at how much they couldn’t get on. (Which we later find out did happen after all.) And I definitely agree – Qi’ra’s personality seemed like such a better fit for him. They were a strong, well balanced team, and I could see them going further than Leia and Han did, if things had turned out differently. They were way more romantic than Leia and Han, and when it comes to romances… I appreciate a bit of romance in them. ;P

    And now after seeing Adam and Daisy I really wanna go out and find a wooden stick to train with k bye.

    P.S. THANKS FOR THE PARTY!!! Now I wanna go and re-watch aaaall the Star Wars films haha!


    1. I always aspire to create juicy posts, so this is a high compliment πŸ˜‰

      Totally get that! I had to turn it over in my mind a bit myself before deciding how I felt.

      Rebel!Captain babies … *sssssssssssssobs*

      SOMEBODY AGREES WITH ME ABOUT HAN AND QI’RA! Ha!! I feel vindicated xD No, seriously, I was a tad concerned that absolutely no-one would be able to sympathize with my position In Any Way … but I see that is not the case!! And I’m glad you appreciate their cuteness along with me!! ❀ Yessss. They had such a Romantic Spark, a fairytale touch. 'Twasn't fair. *sniffles*

      I shall also be searching for a wooden stick to train with k bye

      SO GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT! Thank YOU for partying with us!!


  3. Cassian and Jyn forever. However, as much as I wanted the romance shown, I think it was a great thing that it was left the imagination and showed them to be super professional. BUT, you know, it would have been fun at the end.


  4. I like bickering. Were Han and Leia perfect for each other? No, but I enjoyed them a great deal. It was probably destined to be a hot romance that ended in burning flames and not a marriage but ah well. πŸ˜‰

    Reylo. Enough said. πŸ˜‰


    1. Ahhhhh, yes πŸ˜‰ You do, you enjoy the bickering dynamic–which is totally fine! It’s just not something I enjoy. Plus I’m usually very turned off by hot romances which don’t seem destined to last, cuz to me that’s so not the POINT of ROMANCE, my dudes. #sx blind #yay

      Enough said, indeed. πŸ˜‰ *watches that Holding Out for a Hero fanvideo for the 1000th time*


      1. I do. Where there’s no sexual tension, there’s no fire — and a great indicator of smoldering sexual tension is for two characters to hate each other the minute they lay eyes on each other. Which as we all know, will later lead to hot make-out sessions when nobody else is looking. πŸ˜‰


    2. Yeah, that is probably an accurate depiction of what really would and should have happened. Another commenter I think mentioned the absurdity of their having a child. That doesn’t fit either.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Let me preface this comment by saying I’ve always like Han and Leia, even though I’ve never been super invested in romances in a general rule (so I do really like them, specifically, as opposed to “I like all romance that’s handed to me so there’s nothing specific in this decision”). Moving on- as I mentioned to you, a friend of mine recently watched all of the Star Warses for the first time and posted a list of her initial impressions and she said she had no interest in Han and Leia together and didn’t understand how their romance was supposed to have been developed. Which I agree with; there was no romantic development, they’re terribly suited for each other, and when the new movies flashed back to how their relationship fell apart, I was not at all surprised or upset. I’m sure the original thought was just a more generic “If there’s a woman, she has to be paired with a man and woman love scoundrels” (so, you know- yikes), but my read on the situation is 100% that Leia walked onto the Falcon fully focused on the mission, realized she was going to be stuck with young Harrison Ford for some time, and thought, “Well, okay, don’t mind if I do” (which, like- girl, same). They were two very hot people trapped together in a highly emotionally charged situation; that was NOT about romance!! I can’t see it as anything other than a purely physical thing that would fall apart immediately after the moment passed, to the regret of neither. The fact they that they had a child together is absurd to me, and speaks to a lack of reliable birth control in space.

    I’m still mad at Disney for passing up a chance at a queer relationship AGAIN; their track record is terrible; and out of spite all Disney Star Wars characters are queer now (except for Kylo Ren, who is the epitome of gross white cishet disaster). Finn and Poe are in love, Mando and Cara are mlm and wlw solidarity, Qi’ra is definitely bi, etc. (This is how I usually interpret media anyways, but the spite is an extra bonus.)

    Last point (I had more to say on this than I thought), I had a physical reaction of disgust at the kiss between Rey and Kylo!! I get why Kylo was obsessed with her, because his vibe is very much “Nazi incel” and he saw her as a tool and an object to further his means. (No amount of “But my dad wasn’t around” can excuse genocide; sorry you have childhood trauma but most people can handle that without literal murder.) Rey may have felt a connection to him through the Force, which is fair, but I don’t see that translating to any sort of affection in the timeline we were provided. The only way this scene is realistic to me is if Rey was caught up in the moment and they cut away before the next scene, which was her gagging and going through an entire thing of mouthwash. Send tweet.


    1. “lack of reliable birth control in space” yes, Ma’am *shakes head solemnly*

      I totally get what you’re saying! It does make a lot of sense that Han & Leia as characters would be attracted to each other in-the-moment–and way lesssssssssss sense that they could ever form any kind of sustainable partnership. So from that angle, I’m glad that the sequel trilogy at least addressed the reality that they weren’t compatible long term.

      I AM ALSO MAD AT DISNEY. They had every chance to give us solid LGBT representation with Finn & Poe, and they just tossed it out!! I am, however, slightly consoled by the mental image of Oscar Isaacs climbing on the table and yelling and gesturing aggressively during story-development meetings, until he was forcibly escorted out by security. AT LEAST THE MAN TRIED.

      Bisexual Qi’ra, mmmmmm, yes, could definitely see that.

      Yep, with Rey and Ben, I’m kind of making a single exception to my own rule of “if it wouldn’t work long-term, I don’t wanna see it”? If that makes sense?? *scratches head @self* I’m glad the writers allowed her to express those kind of in-the-moment feelings, but also super grateful there was no hint of long term prospects.


      1. Disney really needs to do better; give us ACTUAL queer characters as well as the queer background characters; like yes, I love to see the small moments when a nameless male character says “My husband” or a child is shown with two mothers but that’s not the same thing as queer characters that have names and participate in the plot!

        Sometimes it just comes down to chemistry, which is a personal preference; you can think the relationship itself is anything from mediocre to bad but still love watching the people interact on screen! I personally do NOT like Adam Driver AT ALL (as an actor, not because I think he’s a bad person- I know nothing about him) and that really influenced my feelings, for sure.


      2. We absolutely do. More center-stage representation, please and thank you!!

        That’s very true! I really like Adam Driver as an actor so I know that influenced me as well. (Loved him in “Black KKKlansman.”)


  6. Okay, so I actually liked Mando with that lady from the… Native tribe thing? And Baby Yoda playing with all the little kids was adorable.
    Qi’ra was great. I actually really liked her working for the baddies in the end, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. So as you know we share almost no shipping opinions when it comes to the SW universe, but I see why we each ship the different things we do, and I still enjoyed reading about the ships you love. πŸ˜€

    I’m still not sure whether I want Mando/Cara to remain friends or to become “lovers,” but if either of them ARE going to enter a romantic relationship, I definitely think it should be with each other. ;-P


    1. So glad you enjoyed the post! ❀ And YES. I love that we each have our different opinions, but we can each come to a Better Understanding of the Other's Personality through examining the romances we each like!

      Well said, well said, m'dear. *nods firmly* Like, okay, maybe they're just gonna stay friends, but if you introduce ANOTHER love interest and try to convince me she suits Mando BETTER than Cara, I'm gonna be like "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."


  8. Me starting to read this post… “why is there a picture of Kylo and Rey at the top? where are the ships? The Falcon? Poe’s X-Wing? I Don’t Understand! WHERE ARE THE PROMISED SHIPS??” *realizes I’m thinking literal ships, and this is about relationships and that I am older and literal* *Realizes I should now go write a post about physical space ships in Star Wars, just because.*


    Anyway, thought that would amuse you. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person


      *laughs helplessly*

      Y’know I actually thought about making a “I’m letting all spaceship lovers down with this post” joke at the beginning, but I couldn’t quite word it right, so I let it slide … xD

      It did! It really did amuse me πŸ˜€


      1. I think they were extremely sympatico, and the possibility of attraction could have existed if they hadn’t both needed to focus their time and energy and attention elsewhere. In a quieter life, maybe? In the lives they were living? Not so much. Even if they’d survived, I think they would have been either terribly good buddies, or simply people who shared a mission and then went on their separate ways. Romantic and sexual tension simply don’t enter into their relationship, in my view — it’s a working relationship, not a feelsy one.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. That’s suuuuuuuper interesting to me, because it’s the opposite of the way I view them, heh heh hehhhhhhhh. You’re definitely the first person I’ve talked to who loves Rogue One but doesn’t see Jyn & Cassian as romantic: which, as I say, INTRIGUING. πŸ˜€

        I think you and I see things differently in this department a lot, though. Like I can think of several distinct couples which I ship Very Hard Indeed and which you are equally adamant will/should remain just friends. On the other hand, there are many canon romances with strong sexual tension which you really really like, while I’m all “NOPE, DON’T SEE IT.”


      3. I think that it was a working relationship . . . with super high chemistry. That is hardly ever displayed in films, self-control, emotions bring more danger to a super dangerous situation. That is why it was unique. I can see why “nothing” happened in that movie, but it was because they were being super professional, and they were on a dangerous mission. I think it was their response to external forces at the moment. But I do think they had feelings or the potential. I don’t think they’d have stayed buddies, and if they had gone their separate ways it would have been that self-denying cause above all, not disinterest, it would have been an internal struggle. Or at least that is how I like to see their relationship.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. That’s absolutely my view, too–really strong romantic/sexual chemistry, yet with an ability to keep it in check for the duration of the movie because they couldn’t afford distractions. I applaud them for that.

        But I DO see definite romantic potential afterwards, had they both lived.


  9. tbh, the only couple I really stan on this list is Jyn and Cassian. and mayyyyyybe Q’ira and Han. imo, Reylo just wasn’t earned. they certainly have a hugely strong emotional connection, but I see their romantic feelings as too new and fragile to ship them. idk how to explain it. funnily enough, I ship them if Ben hadn’t died lol. total opposite of you. πŸ˜€


    1. Okay that … is genuinely amusing to me, how opposite we are. xD

      I can understand the Reylo kiss as the culmination of the strong emotions they’d been feeling (separately and together) throughout TLJ and ROS … and I’m really REALLY glad it happened … but even if Ben had lived, I don’t think it’s something they could have carried into a sustainable long-term relationship.


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