The Disney Star-Wars-Verse: Ranked!

Good morning, young Padawans.

On Day 1 of the Everything Star Wars Blogathon, I wrote about why I love Disney Star Wars (aka “the new stuff”).  For Day 2, I’m going to be ranking “the new stuff,” all recent Star Wars content, according to my own personal enjoyment.

These weren’t easy rankings to come up with, mind you.  Because I love them all!!!  But … I’ve done my best to reflect the exact hierarchy of my feelings towards each.

Shall we begin?

Number 6: The Force Awakens

I know, I know.  *cringes and hides*  This is the movie which started it all!!!  The movie which kicked off Disney Star Wars and brought the franchise back to life, after decades of slumber.  How could I possibly be so cruel as to rate it last?

Idk.  It’s a solid, well-paced story, and I had tremendous fun seeing it on the big screen (the first film I ever saw in theaters, so jot that fun fact down) … but emotionally, it grabs me less than the others.  We’re still getting to know Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo/Ben, so there’s less room for the GUT WRENCHING FEELZ which characterize the rest of the trilogy.  And you know I love me some gut wrenching feelz. 😛  In their proper place, of course, in their proper place.

Finn & Poe busting out of that First Order ship, though?  *chef’s kiss*  Perfection.  The hope and joy on Finn’s face when Poe not only befriends him, trusts him, but gives him a name for the first time in his life …

Photo | Tumblr

… we stan.

Number 5: The Mandalorian

This show would be much higher on the list if I didn’t have to skip so many scenes because Violence.™

The core of the story, however–strong, silent soldier’s inexplicable bond with innocent, helpless-seeming baby–is G O L D.  Just taken as a character (outside the context of the show, which often #stresses me #out), Mando has rocketed to a nice cozy spot amongst my top ten male heroes.  He’s quiet, steady, detached, efficient, licensed to kill … yet somehow, completely in thrall to this tiny green creature.  The faintest hint of something bad happening to Baby Yoda is enough to freeze Mando in his tracks.  (right before turning him into more of a killing machine than ever, of course)

Baby Yoda The Mandalorian GIF - BabyYoda TheMandalorian Cute - Discover & Share GIFs

I swear: I cannot get enough of their moments together.

Number 4: Solo

An unapologetically fun heist movie, a gloriously swashbuckling hero’s journey, and some jolly good forbidden romance … what’s not to like??  I loved Solo!!  I can’t believe it took so much flak from SW audiences: but that’s neither here nor there.  Point being, I thought this was a great story.

I’m also gonna come right out and commit Star Wars heresy by admitting I like Alden Ehrenreich’s version of Han Solo better than Harrison Ford’s original version.  *smiles beatifically and waits for the explosion*

He’s just more to my taste, m’kay?  He’s less aggressive, less in-your-face, less insufferably cocky.  He knows he’s in over his head, he knows he’s not a real smuggler or a real pirate, but by golly, he’s determined to have the time of his life pretending to be one.  He’s just a little boy waving a big gun, and I LOVE HIM.

Solo: a star wars story... Alden Ehrenreich cute 🙄 | War stories, Star  wars, Alden ehrenreich

See?  Perfection.  My Son.™

Number 3: The Last Jedi

I adore The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker in very nearly equal measure, so it was reallyyyyyyyyyyyy hard to put one above the other.  In the end, I put RoS on top because it concluded the trilogy in such a brilliant, satisfying way and gave me the happiest Happy Feels of the three films … but don’t let that fool you.  I love, love, LOVE The Last Jedi.  I am baffled by its detractors, but shan’t waste much time talking about them, when I could talk about all the reasons it brings me joy, mmmmm?

Luke’s redemptive arc, Poe’s character growth, Rey’s steadfast maturity, Kylo’s dramatic descent into unhinged madness–IT SO GOOD.  Luke Skywalker, in particular, became incredibly relatable through this story.  I’d never had much interest in him before, but watching him admit his real, raw mistakes and rise to the understanding that he is more than his mistakes, was very illuminating for me.

sassy kylo ren | Tumblr

Plus, that ending scene.  Talk about a badass way to die.

Number 2: The Rise of Skywalker

*clutches heart and rolls on the floor*  THIS MOVIEEEEEEEEEEE.

No, it’s not perfect, by any means.  The stuff with Rey, Finn, and Poe almost feels like a separate orbit–a separate story with its own aesthetic (warm & deserty)–compared to the stuff with Rey and Ben (swooshy & dark & mysterious).  But if you think I care about those technical flaws more than I care about mY PRECIOUS DISNEY PRINCE AND PRINCESS, REY SKYWALKER AND BEN SOLO:

ur wrong.

Rey and Ben Solo

The redemption arc, the Prodigal Son allegory, the slow-simmering romance that only comes to a boil when it’s the right time … ’tis masterfully, lovingly, delicately handled.  True magic.  A blessing.  More than deserving of my Number Two spot, methinks.

Number 1: Rogue One

Y’all knew this was coming, didn’t ya?

What can I say about this masterpiece that hasn’t been said a million times before????  Rogue One is that rare film creature, a tightly plotted, 100% cohesive, never-a-dull-moment, adrenaline-pumping adventure that doesn’t sacrifice one WHIT of emotional depth to get there.  It takes a slightly tired formula–“Will this ragtag band of misfits pull together to save the day for a military organization that never really cared about them?”–and rises above those cliches to reach the final Plane of Enlightment where only the best movies go.

It’s the story of teamwork.  The story of found family.  Unexpected romance.  True love.  The ultimate sacrifice.

“What have they brought us?”

winterswake:Jyn Erso in Rogue One on Make a GIF



So there y’all have it!  My Disney Star Wars rankings.  Do you agree with my choices?  Disagree?  Which of these movies was your favorite?

Let’s chat!

27 thoughts on “The Disney Star-Wars-Verse: Ranked!

Add yours

  1. I’m going to be honest, Rogue One was the only ranking I agreed with. XD TBH I thought Rise of Skywalker was trash. There were too many plot twist that felt twisty for just the shock of it, the pacing felt off, and (*whispers* don’t kill me) I do not ship Reylo. In any way, shape, or form. Ben’s redemption arc was great. I… didn’t like the kiss at the end though. (Except for his smile after it. His smile was perfection.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. While I will always love Harrison Ford’s Han Solo, and have never seen the movie Solo, I might have to watch it now after that gif you included. o.o



      I have several friends who love both Harrison Ford’s Han Solo and Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo, so it seems he (Ehrenreich) did a good job capturing the spirit of the character in a way OT fans can enjoy. I’d definitely recommend trying the movie, at least! 😉

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  3. I was wondering which of the newer movies would be your favorite! I figured it was going to be TLJ or TROS, not TFA, so I predicted that correctly, lol.

    Yesssss, TLJ has so many wonderful elements. I mean, Rey’s development, cAN I GET A HOORAH. I love how that movie focused on her. She is my queen. ❤

    I'm so glad you found an iteration of Han Solo that you're able to enjoy! Alden Ehrenreich is fantastic. ❤


    1. Haha, yep, you guessed aright! I do enjoy TFA, but it doesn’t have the same “bite” that I’m looking for and which I find in the other two sequel movies.

      Rey is My Queen and Deserves the Whole World. ❤ I loved what you said about her role in TLJ in your blog post!!

      Yesssssssssssssssss, he is. My precious son. I'm glad I got a chance to finally enjoy his character, too. 😉

      (psst: stay tuned for more Controversial Thoughts on "Solo" in tomorrow's post ;))


  4. Your description of Rogue One is spot-on. Love it.

    For these 6, my rankings would be:

    1. Rogue One
    2. Mandalorian
    3. Solo: A Star Wars Story
    4. The Force Awakens
    5. Rise of Skywalker
    6. The Last Jedi.


    1. Thank you!! ❤ I love how we both appreciate Rogue One so much!!

      "Solo" is really really dang good. So is "The Mandalorian," although it doesn't always mesh with what I'm looking for in a TV show specifically (less action, more quiet time).


    1. Yeah, I can see how “Solo” wouldn’t be quite your thing …

      The Force Awakens is your favorite, huh? That surprised me for a minute, but now I totally get it, because it’s the movie that INTRODUCED Rey & Kylo and split our heads wide open when Kylo killed Han. xD


      1. I think I get to the big chase scene on the snowy mountain every time in Solo and just lose interest. The first time, my internet quit so I couldn’t finish watching it, and the second time I had something else to do. So for whatever reason, that movie just isn’t destined for my love.

        I think so, yeah. The raw emotions of everything won me over. Plus, Finn is cute in that one with his aggressive protectiveness toward Rey and her being all NOPE. LOL


  5. Rogue One is definitely my favorite, and I LOVE The Mandalorian- of the trilogy, the one that hit me hardest was The Force Awakens, and this is super related to my comments on your other post! As a huge Star Wars fan growing up who wasn’t quite the right age/interest level to have any meaningful interaction with the prequels, I was SO excited to go back to this universe that I had drifted away from. I actually started crying in the theater when the lightsaber goes to Rey in that scene; as a female fan who didn’t really know anyone who was into Star Wars and definitely didn’t know any girls who were into Star Wars, that visual was everything I had been waiting for!! Solo didn’t do much for me (I didn’t expect it to, but even so it fell a little flatter than I expected) but I didn’t think it was a bad movie by any means- just not for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The moment when the lightsaber went to Rey in TFA was TRULY EPIC. Life-changing. ❤ It was an unapologetic declaration that yes, this woman is going to be at the center of the story, taking the driver’s seat, so strap in, everybody!!!

      The Mandalorian brings me much happiness, even though the fight scenes stress me out. Because Baby Yoda.


  6. I forgot to include the Mandalorian, it’s middling? I’m not sure on my rankings of favorites. But I sure know which I loathe, The Last Jedi and the 00’s.

    I think Rogue one is the best artistically, but I think I’d enjoy the very first of all the best? I still have to see Solo though. And Rebels and Clone wars.


    1. Ha! Well, that’s fair. 😉 I adore The Last Jedi, but I’m definitely not interested in the prequels.

      Mmhhmmm, Rogue One is definitely an artistic triumph. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on Solo–I thought it was really quite good.


  7. Oohh, this was super interesting! I agree with most of your opinions, although my rankings would probably be a little different. (Also, I haven’t seen the Mandalorian!)

    I enjoyed all these movies, but Solo and Rogue One are definitely up the top. I still have some unprocessed thoughts and feelings about TROS… I would have to watch it again to decide on it. I still don’t even know how I feel about Reylo. I must admit the kiss at the end took me back a little as I wasn’t expecting them to actually make a romance of it, but it was so gently and naturally done that I thought maybe I did like it after all… just so many Emotions. 😉

    Also *whispers* I do not think any less of you for saying you prefer Alden to Harrison. 😉 I can definitely see what you mean! I think I love them both equally, but Alden Really Impressed me.


    1. The Mandalorian is quite good and I do recommend it–especially for the dad/baby feels–but it is a little more violent than I usually like my television to be. So there’s that.

      I totally feel that! I definitely didn’t want a romance going into TROS, but I ended up really really liking how they handled it.

      Ha, thank ye 😉 Alden did an amazing job, didn’t he? He captured something essential about the character, for sure.


  8. YAAAAAAS. I love knowing someone who loves TLJ as much as I do!!!! It is my third favorite movie of all time, just behind the original. And RoS had such a good ending to the series! It was brilliant. People are always shocked when I have TFA so low on my list,and I really love out and have no complaints, but I just love almost all of the others more. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes!!!! I LOOOOOOVED your take on Luke’s character in the Star Wars blogathon and your explanation of why you related to The Last Jedi so much! I also found his fear of failure and his subsequent despair incredibly relatable. Incredible, incredible movie.

      Liked by 1 person

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