The Raven Cycle: Personality Typings

My obsession with Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle is no secret.

So, whilst I twiddle my thumbs, waiting for that Raven Cycle Netflix original series I was promised (WHERE IS IT? I DEMAND TO KNOW), I’m going to type all five members of the original Gangsey: Gansey, Ronan, Adam, Noah, and Blue.  For each character, we’ll be exploring their MBTI types, their Enneagram numbers, and their Hogwarts houses.  They’re incredibly rich, well-drawn individuals, so I think we’ll find plenty of material.


If you’d like a refresher on the terms I’m using, my MBTI post is here, my Enneagram post is here, my post on typing fictional characters is here, and the Hogwarts house system I’m using (not my own) can be found at The Sorting Hat Chats.

(If you’re not familiar with it, the Sorting Hat Chats system assigns everyone two Houses: their Primary house, which explains their core motivations, and their Secondary house, which explains their preferred method of problem solving.)

The Characters

Richard Gansey III:

ENFJ 2w1, Ravenclaw/Ravenclaw with Slytherin secondary model.

As an ENFJ, Gansey leads with Extroverted Feeling (Fe) and Introverted Intuition (Ni).  Fe means he’s charismatic, personable, group-oriented, and naturally collects people around him.  He’s happiest when pursuing a common goal with like-minded friends.  Ni shows up in his obsessive search for Glendower, as well as his inability to articulate what Glendower “means” to him.  Ni attaches abstract meaning to symbols that won’t make sense to any outside person.

As a massively unhealthy (note I said UNhealthy) Enneagram Two, Gansey considers himself a failure when he’s unable to “fix” his friends … even though they never asked to be fixed.  Co-dependence is Gansey’s middle name.  Gansey wouldn’t recognize a healthy boundary if it walked up to him and punched him in the face.  Gansey makes himself the indispensable person in his friends’ lives: because if he’s indispensable, they can’t reject him, and if they can’t reject him, he’ll never have to be alone.  Because Gansey is TERRIFIED of being alone.

(Somebody get this child some therapy.)

His 1 wing, meanwhile, shows up in his harsh self-judgments and the clear moral standards he sets for his friend group, as well as his disappointment in any member who falls short.  “Ronan, stop drinking, you know I don’t like it when you’re drunk.”  Etc.

Ravenclaw Primaries want their universe to make sense, which suits Gansey to a T.  That’s what the quest for Glendower is all about: imposing a framework of meaning, of order, in which Gansey can rationalize the second chance he’s been given.  “I was saved from death through no merit of my own: there’s got to be a reason: maybe this quest is the reason.  Maybe I was meant to find Glendower, and make the world a better place by doing so.”

Ravenclaw Secondaries, like their raven namesakes, prepare for life’s problems by accumulating endless knowledge, facts, and tools, anything that strikes them as “shiny” or useful.  Which, again, is Gansey to a T.  Source: uh, THE JOURNAL?!?!  NEED I SAY MORE?

80s robert leonard gansey

Finally, when faced with a tough spot, Gansey will occasionally pull out the Slytherin Secondary model he learned from his parents and Helen … even though he hates himself for doing it.  Because it’s a model, you see: it’s not something that feels genuine or comfortable to him.  Still, he can DO IT.  Slytherin Secondary is about adapting, improvising, shifting, and manipulating obstacles to get what you want.  If you remember the scene in The Raven Boys when Gansey bribes [literally, bribes] the headmaster not to expel Ronan, you know just how effective Gansey’s Slytherin Secondary can be.

Adam Parrish:

INFJ 3w4, Slytherin/Slytherin with Hufflepuff secondary model.

I know what you’re thinking (I bet): “If Gansey is ENFJ and Adam is INFJ, how come they fight so much??”

Here’s why.  Adam’s leading function, Ni, has fixated on a singular life path for himself. Freeing himself from his abusive parents, winning an Ivy League scholarship through his own hard work.  His own efforts.  No one else’s help.  Thus, Adam can’t accept Gansey’s overbearing, Fe-ish, 2-ish assistance, because outside assistance IS NOT PART OF THE PLAN.  Which, obviously, Gansey is just thrilled about. 😛  You can also see Adam’s Ni in his strange, instinctual problem-solving, like the Cabeswater situation at the end of Book 1.  Everyone else thinks, okay, Cabeswater demands a sacrifice, a literal sacrifice, a dead body, right? Adam is the one who decides–apropos of nothing, remember–that the sacrifice should be his autonomy, something completely abstract.  “I will be your hands, I will be your eyes.”  Um?  Adam, honey?  What the flip is that even supposed to mean?

Secondary Fe explains Adam’s hyper-awareness of group expectations and external approval, as well as his longing to fit in.

Enneagram-wise, Adam is an image-driven workaholic, prone to brief fits of melancholy over his own brokenness before throwing himself into his studies once more.  Textbook 3w4.

He’s an adorable double Slytherin, who displays both the direct, simple loyalties of the Slytherin Primary (anything for Ronan, baby) and the adaptive, shapeshifting, slightly-lacking-in-scruples tactics of the Slytherin Secondary (tell a few lies, plant a few bits of evidence, it’s all in the day’s work).  Even though Adam models Hufflepuff Secondary on a regular basis because he believes that’s what people want to see–dedicated, humble, reliable–we all know the Adam who FRAMED Mr. Greenmantle for MURDER to protect his boyfriend, is the true Adam.  Bless his little Slytherin heart.

raven cycle stab chart
“would stab without warning”: Adam

Ronan Lynch:

ESFP cp6w7, Burnt Hufflepuff/Gryffindor.

As an ESFP, Ronan leads with Extroverted Sensing (Se) and Introverted Feeling (Fi).  Whether it’s fast cars or street fights or bonfires or forbidden kisses, Ronan’s just gotta have his adrenaline rush.  He’s gotta have it.  That constant craving for new, exciting physical experiences is classic Se-first.

On the other hand, Fi means Ronan’s emotions are deep, private, and not easily shared with others.  He never talks about his father’s murder, for example.  Heck, his own best friend (Gansey) was shocked to learn Ronan had feelings for Adam, even though the three of them hung out literally all day, every day, for years.  That’s some massive secret-keeping power right there.

Counterphobic Enneagram Six–now, this is the interesting part.  A counterphobic Six lives life in “attack” mode, constantly pushing the envelope, which can come across like an aggressive Eight … but with one key difference.  The cp Six picks a few chosen people whom they trust completely; whose authority they never truly challenge, because those people make them feel safe, not threatened.  Sound familiar?  Ronan Lynch will fight Colin Greenmantle, he’ll fight Mr. Gray, he’ll fight his brother Declan, he’ll fight a raccoon in a Denny’s parking lot over a half-eaten hot dog … but he’ll never fight Gansey for leadership of the gang.  He wants Gansey in charge.  He feels safer following Gansey’s lead.  In the spin-off trilogy, Adam becomes Ronan’s safe person, the one he checks every decision with.  Cp 6.  Not 8.

molotov cocktail

Ronan’s 7 wing, meanwhile, increases his Se longing for adventure, and gives him a fear of being trapped, bored, or deprived.  (Remember how depressed he is at the beginning of Call Down the Hawk, stuck at home with nothing to look forward to?)

Burnt Hufflepuff Primary.  *cracks knuckles*  I know fellow fans of the books may take issue with me typing Ronan as any kind of a Hufflepuff, Burnt or otherwise … but hear me out.  (And know the Sorting Hat Chats agrees with me, heh heh hehhh.)

In The Raven Cycle, Ronan comes across like a Slytherin Primary–only cares about his few chosen friends, coldly apathetic and/or hostile towards the rest of the world.  However.  It’s been well established that TRC Ronan is living in survival mode, deeply traumatized by his father’s murder.  Remember, Gansey always talks about the “old Ronan,” suggesting a stark, sudden change after Niall Lynch died.  Thus, to get an idea of his true core motivations, we have to examine a healthier Ronan: the Ronan of Call Down the Hawk.  And THAT Ronan comes to care more & more about people in general, people he doesn’t even know–eventually rescuing Hennessy (a total stranger) at great risk to himself.  People matter, Ronan decides.  Humans matter.  Humans deserve to be saved.  There’s your slowly un-burning Burnt Hufflepuff, guys.  Ain’t it a treat for sore eyes?

Gryffindor Secondary … I don’t think I need to defend this one to anybody, lol.  Gryffindor Secondaries tackle obstacles head-first; a description which fits Ronan like a glove.

Noah Czerny:

ISFP 9w1, Hufflepuff/Hufflepuff.

Noah was hard to type, not gonna lie.  Because he’s a ghost, because he operates on a different plane than the rest and gets less screentime, his personality doesn’t come through quite as clearly.  I initially thought ISFJ for him.  But Noah doesn’t process his feelings like an FJ; he doesn’t verbalize them.  Noah is prone to secret storms of anguish, which he goes off by himself to nurse in private, instead of expecting others to soothe him.  That’s very Fi.

noah czerny fanart

Noah’s not all sadness and moodiness, though.  Much to Gansey and Adam’s bemusement, Noah has an affinity for Ronan’s fast cars and other hijinks.  While he was still alive, he himself drove a sporty red Mustang and had a “bad boy” reputation, constantly getting into some mischief or other at the school.  All of the above fits with Se thrill-seeking.  Hence, I’m putting him down as ISFP.  Living Noah mayyyyyyy have been ESFP; it’s hard to say.  (That bit when he and Blue randomly decide to make out in the empty apartment?  “I’d ask you out, if I was alive.”  “I’d say yes.”  COMPLETELY UNPROMPTED.  I’m telling you, this boy uses Se, not Si.)  

Regardless, though, Noah is Enneagram Nine.  He may like thrills, but he doesn’t like conflict.  He may like thrills, but he doesn’t like change.  He has a tendency to fall into a situation, even a bad situation, and stay there, instead of rocking the boat.  Barrington Whelk was a crappy friend even before he turned into a murderer–but Noah stuck with him.  Why?  Because it’s too much trouble to find new friends.

Noah’s 1 wing shows up in his quiet, insistent message, “Don’t throw it away.”  It’s bad to throw your life away, guys.  Don’t do it.

Double Hufflepuff should be pretty self-explanatory, I think.  Like a true Puff Primary, Noah believes in fairness–it’s one of the main reasons he sacrifices himself for Gansey in the end.  It wouldn’t be fair for Gansey’s life to be prematurely cut short.  Like a Puff Secondary, Noah deals with tough situations by collecting friends around him (local ghost moves into teenagers’ apartment and chills with them on Pizza Night every week for, like, years??)  He’s loyal and loving and reliable.  He’s the heart of the gang.  Everyone adores him.

ghost friend trc

We wuvs our double Puff ISFP 9, yes we does.

Blue Sargent:

ENFP 7w6, Gryffindor/Gryffindor.  

Blue, who loves the potential meaning of stars more than stars themselves (paraphrasing an actual quote), is definitely Ne-dom.  Sees symbolism and hidden significance everywhere, gets excited about it.  Constantly swaps ideas with fellow N type Gansey.  She’s also comfortable with shifting plans, sometimes at the drop of a hat: “I’ll never date a Raven boy,” becomes “I’ll date Adam,” becomes “nah, lemme dump Adam for Gansey” …

Blue’s strong sense of individuality, her need to be authentic, and her indifference towards what her classmates think of her, all point to Fi.  She’s blunt, too, seeing no value in diplomacy, and often offending Fe-dom Gansey’s sense of politeness before he gets used to her.

She’s Enneagram Seven.  She hates boredom or sameness, hates being stuck in sleepy little Henrietta.  She’s genuinely terrified by the prospect of a future in that town.  Blue jumps at the chance to get involved with the quest for Glendower, because finally, thank the Lord, something new is happening around here!!!  Type 7 also explains why Blue broke up with Adam the second he started going all intense and broody on her … 7s are Not Here For That, thanks ever so much.  7s just wanna have fun.

But Blue’s 6 wing tones down some of her 7-ish recklessness and fear of commitment.  This is what keeps her “sensible,” grounded: what keeps her from going full on Manic Pixie Dream Girl.  If it’s truly stupid, she probably won’t do it.  She has a close relationship with her mom, often turning to Maura and the aunts for advice.  

blue sargent

Gryffindor Primary, Gryffindor Secondary?  Rebel with a laundry list of causes?  Feminist, environmentalist, free spirit, and fearless warrior?  Yep, I think we’ve got Blue Sargent down. 😛


If you agree with my typings, I want to hear about it!

If you DISagree with my typings, I want to hear about it!

If you love The Raven Cycle, I want to hear about it!

Basically … I want to hear all the things!

Chat with me!


17 thoughts on “The Raven Cycle: Personality Typings

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  1. I haven’t read these books because I don’t think that they’re my thing, but I enjoyed this post! Just from this I learned so much about the types! If you did another post like this I would happily read it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know these characters intimately, as you know, so’s I can’t really speak to these specific typings, but I can tell you that I enjoyed reading them. 😀

    Aaaaaaand I still need to dig back into the MBTI to figure out my type. *sigh* I’m still not ruling out INFJ, but I’m definitely not sure. Part of how you described Noah’s ISFP seemed to resonate, but another part didn’t, so idk. *throws up hands* Lol.


    1. Oooh. I have never considered the fact that you might be an ISFP, Olivia. I must think about this now…🤓🤔😉


      1. I previously thought Ronan was an 8, but you’re SO RIGHT about him being a 6. Adam is definitely a 3, Noah definitely a 9. I feel like Blue has 1 or 4 in her, but she could have those in her tritype! However. Is Richard Campbell Gansey the III not an unhealthy 4 regressing to 2? He’s definitely kind, giving, and wants to put his hands in everyone else’s business, but I think that has more to do with his upbringing and desire to be worthy of the others rather than him wanting to be a martyr or to hide his own needs. His own needs and desires are at the forefront of the whole story, and he drags the others with him in search of it. The real Gansey does everything for the Aesthetic™, is super self-absorbed, feels like he is inherently flawed, is very emotionally intelligent (although he puts them down in order to keep balance, very 4w3), and is absolutely obsessed with finding Glendower, which will make him feel purposeful, unique, and called (very 4, VERY 4w5). I feel like often people shy away from typing characters as 4s because they aren’t sad or melancholy enough, and while I could make a case for Gansey being melancholy, I definitely see how no one types him as a 4 bc he is so positive—4s are stereotypically sad. I feel like 4-Gansey shows the nuances of being a type 4 and I can’t let it go


      2. Hi, Morrigan! So glad you liked my Raven Cycle typings! Haha, yes, Ronan WISHES he were a tough, badass Slytherin 8, but he’s actually a sweet, loyal Hufflepuff 6. That’s coming out more and more clearly in the Dreamer trilogy, and I’m so here for it.

        Okay, yes, let’s talk about Gansey 😀 So, Type 2 and Type 4 do have a lot in common, since they’re both part of the Heart Triad, they’re both about “how people see me” and wanting/hoping to be loved. And 4 goes to 2 under stress: becoming clingy and overeager for affection. (which describes Gansey, for sure ;)) However: even under stress, Type 4 never imitates 2 in becoming the “helper.” It never becomes the one who says “by the way, I know what’s good for you better than you do, so I’m going to help you and fix you and try to run your life for you.” That’s pure Type 2 … and that’s Richard Campbell Gansey III all over.

        He has a desperate need to fix his friends and manage their problems for them, even though they never asked. He does his darndest to drag Ronan through school, fussing over Ronan like an OLDER brother or a parent would, even though they’re the same age. He //bribes the headmaster//, literally, not to kick Ronan out of school–even though Ronan himself would be perfectly happy to get expelled. He jumps in to ask Blue on a date FOR Adam, even though Adam begged him not to; Gansey just assumes “well, this would be good for Adam, and he’ll thank me later.”

        Even Gansey’s quest for Glendower, while I definitely agree it has a strong dimension of “I’m unique and I have a special purpose,” is framed in terms of helping: Gansey believes he has a responsibility to uncover this secret and share it for the betterment of the world.

        And I completely agree, Gansey is absolutely self-absorbed and more wrapped up in his own needs than he would ever admit–but he PERCEIVES himself as the martyr who’s dedicated to the thankless job of ‘fixing’ and ‘saving’ Ronan and Adam. That’s why I typed him as a 2 core, even though I can see the argument for 4: I think his identity as the helper is central to his self-image and self-esteem.

        I loved your comment–it gave me an excuse to obsessively analyze The Raven Cycle all over again 😀 Thanks so much!


    2. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I definitely enjoyed writing them! Because I wuvs my babies … and I love character typing!

      Hey, there’s plenty of time for you to figure out your type, if you’re interested!! Hit me up with q’s any time 😉

      Which part of it resonated more, would you say–his “quiet feels” thing or his in-the-moment impulsiveness thing?


      1. Yes! And I love reading about your love for your babies. ;D

        Haha, thanks! I most likely will hit you up. ‘Cause I . . . need help, lol. *coughs*

        The “quiet feels” thing, definitely. I felt like I related to withdrawing to process my Emotions (TM) in private rather than sharing them. (I definitely share them sometimes, but with a Very Select group of people, and even that depends on what said Emotions actually ARE.)

        And I thought that the impulsiveness was very COUNTER-my personality. But, actually, I do sometimes make snap decisions. Usually I agonize over decisions for so long, but sometimes — usually if it’s something that’s not exactly high-stakes but not exactly lowest-possible-stakes, either — I’ll just be like, “You know what, who cares, I’m gonna do this and we’ll just see what happens”. It’s difficult to explain in a comment, haha.


      2. No prob, no prob! You know I’m always ready 😉

        The private, withdrawn emotions thing–being very selective about what you share and needing alone time to process–is more suggestive of Fi than Fe. That’s what helped me decide Noah is ISFP and not ISFJ.

        Noah’s impulsiveness is of a very PHYSICAL nature (like helping Ronan build a ramp in the driveway to see if they can jump his sports car *over* it), which is why I said Se, for him. ISFP. On the other hand, INFPs [who combine Fi with Ne] can be impulsive, too, but much less so in physical situations and more like the “lemme randomly try writing a book about this plot bunny that came to me …” way.

        *guiltily raises own hand* 😉


  3. I came ready to argue (because I have OPINIONS about personality types and Maggie Stiefvater), but I agree with all your typings. 😂 I especially agree with Ronan and his Hufflepuff-ness. I mean, he’s the brother who most wants to stay at the Barns, his childhood home–loyal much?


    1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! You came ready to argue, but left convinced!! That is an HONOR, let me tell you. 😀

      Absolutely, yes! Once Sorting Hat Chats pointed out Ronan’s Puff nature, I couldn’t un-see it. He’s the one who loves all animals and treats them equally, even at his darkest, most apathetic moments. He’s community-loyal, too, showing up in church every Sunday no matter what. We stan a Hufflepuff. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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