That Really Long, Gushy, OTP Post

Ordinarily … I’m a pretty nice person.

Under stress, I am not a nice person.

Under stress, like (say) a massive global pandemic coupled with weeks of isolation & boredom, Fun, Easygoing Katie disappears, to be replaced by Drill Sergeant Katie: liable to smack people down at any moment for even the smallest offenses.  Some days, I feel like I’m stuck in “instant kill mode” and can’t shut it off.  Stuff that would normally merit a shrug and an eyeroll is instead met with, “yOu WaNnA sAy ThAt AgAiN tO mY fAcE, yOu LiTlLe–”

*facepalms @self*

It’s disproportionate.  It’s irrational.  It’s a Problem, y’all; and it just. keeps. happening.  I swear, I’m doing my best to get it under control.  But it’s hard, when the stress factors refuse to dissipate … and when the outlets I habitually use to cope with stress and depression and anxiety, are now closed to me.  Everybody in my household is stressed, TOO, and we’re all crammed in with each other like sardines in a case.  #not cool bruh  Therefore: I am turning to one of the few social outlets still available to me, to wit, blogging; and I’m gonna write happy, cheering posts if it kills me.

And what better place to start than one of the happiest subjects I know, FAVORITE FICTIONAL COUPLES, CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH???

yes technically they don’t always get ‘happy’ endings but hush

I am here to gush unapologetically about my precious babies and their precious feelings, in true fangirl fashion.  And sure, I know: excessive fangirling over one’s OTPs sometimes raises the ol’ eyebrow.  Maybe we get a leetle obsessed sometimes, I admit. 😛


But for all its excesses, I firmly believe OTP discourse (if I may coin a term) serves a vital purpose: allowing young people, particularly girls, a safe space to thrash out what we believe romance is supposed to look like, using concrete examples.  Which ain’t nothing to sneeze at; considering, statistically speaking, most of us will end up in a relationship.  Yes, the single life is valid!  The single life can be amazing, in fact!!  And I will forever rail against those who present romance as the only option, particularly for women!!!  Nevertheless, when all’s said and done … statistically speaking (again), many of us will wind up choosing a life partner.  Whether heterosexual or not.  So the way I look at it, you’d better have a set of standards ready, in case it happens to you.  You can either settle for something subpar, or hold out for something fantastic.  That’s what OTPs are all about, really: something fantastic.  Something epic, swoonworthy–indeed, storybook-worthy.

So.  With that in mind, and without further ado, I present my Top Ten OTPs, ranked in Ascending Order of Awesomeness according to my subjective opinions.  Let the games begin!

Number 10: Pete and Beatriz, All the Crooked Saints

I am wretched, desolated, and Cut to the Quick™ to find these cinnamon rolls have zero (0) fanart available on Pinterest as of right now.  That’s not okay!!!!  They are sweet and good and supportive of each other.  Pete Wyatt is an All-American Square, while Beatriz Soria is an Goth Geek Chick, and in my humble opinion, a more perfect recipe for romance would be hard to find.  I love the sense of mystery it creates.  Beatriz will always be something of a cipher to Pete, but that’s why he loves her.  “Dustland Fairytale” by The Killers will forever make me think of these two, in their harsh, lovely, Colorado desert.

Finest moment:

When they danced under the stars and he sang Patsy Cline songs to make her smile. ❤

Number 9: Ronan and Adam, The Raven Cycle / The Dreamer Trilogy

ronan and adam

*sobs*  my emotionsssssssssssss, mY EMOTIONS … Look, these boys are Presh, m’kay?  They’re damaged and wary; hard with everyone else, but soft together.  They get each other’s magic in a way the rest of the world never could.  The dreamer and the magician.  The orphan, and the abuse victim.  And let us never forget that i c o n i c scene when Ronan punches Adam’s dad in the face for him.  Much wow.  Very cool.  10/10 would recommend.

The 80s classic “I Think We’re Alone Now” is most definitely their song.

Finest moment:

“And behind him in the doorway stood Ronan Lynch, his damn tie knotted straight for once, his shirt tucked in …”

Number 8: Jyn and Cassian, Rogue One

angry faced lovers

These idiot warrior almost-lovers Obliterated Me, and I am still not okay.  It’s been four years, and I’m still not over it.  I don’t think you understaaaaaand.  They died before they could even kiss once????  Like LITERALLY WHAT KIND OF STAR-CROSSED SHAKESPEAREAN CRAP.  Also, I’m typing this to the tune of Maroon 5’s “Won’t Go Home Without You,” and yes I know Adam Levine probably wrote it whilst crying in the club over his latest girl crush, but now I’m picturing Cassian saying it to Jyn right before the mission went to hell, and.  well.  you know.  #feels.

Finest moment:

“I’m not used to people sticking around when things go wrong.”

“Welcome home.”

Number 7: Rey and Ben Solo, The Rise of Skywalker

rey and ben




Okay I am sorry but did you see this???  Were you in the theater that fateful December night, when he came back to save her and then she handed him the lightsaber through the Force aND THEN HIS LITTLE NOD like “I’ve got you, baby,” and the way her whole face relaxed, glowing in the soft blue light, with this look of peace, and trust, and freedom from fear, AND THEN THEY DESTROYED PALPATINE TOGETHER AND GENERALLY KICKED ASS?!?!

Finest moment:

That.  Literally that.  Go watch it again.  You’re welcome.

Number 6: Josh and Donna, The West Wing

donna is pretty

This is the ultimate in friends-to-lovers, if you ask me.  The absolute PEAK.  They worked together, played together, drank together, hurt together, and burnt-the-midnight-oil together for seven years before they even kissed one time.  The layers of respect and mutual trust they built up in that time are just … astronomical, and I am in Awe, Sir.  Also, can we give a HUGE shout-out to their self control in never straying even a toe over the line all the years Josh was her boss??  despite their agonizingly rich chemistry???  Honestly, few couples irl would be so responsible: certainly few TV couples would be so responsible.  But Josh and Donna are my good childrens and I wuvs them.  “End of the World” is a song that always brings them to mind, thanks to this most excellent fan video.

Finest moment:

“I work for the President of the United States.  I have the diplomatic rank of a three-star general.  Tell me where Donna Moss is.”

Number 5: Clint and Nat, the MCU

arrow necklace

Mmmmmhhhhhmmmmm.  Still shipping these crazy spy kids.  Don’t @me.  They were one of my VERY FIRST #otps of ever, and I still maintain they would’ve made a FANTASTIC couple, if not for that soap-opera-secret-marriage monkey wrench thrown in Age of Ultron (seriously, Joss?? *heavy side-eye*)  FORTUNATELY FOR US Clintasha diehards, the Russo brothers clearly never stopped shipping ’em either, so we got some really solid resolution in Endgame, for which I was pleased.  Nat clearly respects his marriage, but there’s undeniable chemistry between them, which wasn’t minimized or belittled … all in all, it was well handled.

That’s the thing about Clint and Natasha.  They don’t pretend, not with each other.  They’re honest to each other.  I love their quiet camaraderie, their easy, unspoken language.  They bear a burden none of the other original Avengers can fully appreciate: their shared past as assassins.  Being made to do some pretty sketchy™ things in the name of “justice” or “security.”  Nat is sharp-edged like broken glass, Clint is jaded and weary and harboring ruthless unchecked Murder Spree energy as shown in Endgame, but around each other … they can relax a little.  And I think that’s beautiful.  One song to give me allllll the Clintasha feels would be “Leather and Lace,” by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley.

Finest moment:

“I don’t judge people on their worst mistakes.”

“Maybe you should.”

“You didn’t.”

Number 4: Liesel and Rudy, The Book Thief

the book thief is sad

There’s just something about them, all right???  Something about their golden sunburst of vitality and joy amidst one of the lowest, dirtiest points of human history that Gets Me, Every Time.™  Maybe you think it’s inappropriate to ship two under-fourteen-year-olds; and maybe you wanted Liesel to end up with Max anyways, and those opinions are completely valid … but for myself, I’m gonna be partying with these two soccer-playing street rats til the stars fall from the sky.  And I SHALL NOT be accepting criticism for this decision.  No, siree.  I shan’t.

The Beatles’ first mega-hit, “I Saw Her Standing There,” is Rudy meeting Liesel for the first time, methinks.

Finest moment:

“How about a kiss, Saumensch?”

Number 3: Marianne and Brandon, Sense and Sensibility (2008)

sense and sensibility

I’m specifying Marianne & Brandon in the ’08 miniseries, not the original novel, cuz there’s some stuff about the romance in the novel that I don’t 100% love–but this movie version??  SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY ME.  IT SO GOOD.  WE LOVES IT, PRECIOUS.

David Morrissey as Colonel Brandon is one of the Highest Romantic Heroes of Ever–fiercely protective, fiercely loyal, yet never bossy or controlling or overbearing in the slightest.  And he never acts all washed-out and sorry for himself, like Brandon occasionally leans toward in the book (sowwy, book fans …)  Charity Wakefield’s Marianne is sweet, fresh-faced, and unfailingly authentic, even in her Teen Melodrama.  And don’t get me started on their scenes together.  We will be here all night.  As a side note, I gotta say–they’re one of the only couples for whom “A Thousand Years” (of Twilight fame) actually FITS.

Finest moment:

the glare thing.  that’s it.  the glare thing.

Number 2: Cath and Levi, Fangirl

I love this book

Ooooooooooh, gurl.  Cath and Levi.  CATH. AND. LEVI.  Do I even have words to talk about what these babies mean to me????  P’raps not, p’raps not.  All I’m gonna say is … reading Cath and Levi’s love story was the very first time I saw myself as worthy of being romanced, of being chosen … anxiety, awkwardness, trauma, warts and all.

Like.  It’s all very well to see your heroes getting the happy ending they deserve–it’s another level entirely to picture YOURSELF getting what you deserve.  As for their song, Fangirl is such a quintessentially Millennial story, I’m gonna go with a Millennial classic, Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again.”

Finest moment:

“I’m such an idiot,” he said.  “I can’t go nine hours without seeing you.”

Number 1: Rose and Ten, Doctor Who

journey's end

Yup.  Here they are.  The OG of my OTPs, the very tip-top of my list.  (Y’all knew this was coming, if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time. 😉 )  Again–what can I say, except to say they belong together, truly, absolutely, and unquestionably?  I’ve never seen two people more completely comfortable, in their own skin, with each other.  Every time she takes a running leap into his arms … every time he presses his cheek against her hair … it’s just this overwhelming sense of “God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world.”  I mean, I could talk about other stuff, too; how their love LITERALLY transcends time, crosses universes, and stitches the freakin’ COSMOS back together.  But for me, it all comes back to this: the way the Doctor’s face m e l t s in relief every single time he slides his arms around her.  That’s Love, fellas.  And if I’m in a relationship myself, one day, that’s what I plan to have it look like.  *mic drop*

Obviously, there’s a lot of *ahem* sad songs that could apply to Rose and Ten, but given this is supposed to be a happy post–here’s “Shut Up and Dance.”  Thank me later. 😛

Finest moment:

“If I believe in one thing–just one thing–I believe in her.”

you're still you

So there you have it, folks!

My top 10 OTPs–spot any of your own favorites?

Let’s chat!




44 thoughts on “That Really Long, Gushy, OTP Post

Add yours

  1. I finally got my copy of The Rise of Skywalker on Wednesday, and THAT. SCENE. GOSH. MY HEART. It’s just as beautiful now as it was on that lovely day in December when I watched it for the first time, eyes wide and mouth agape. THE LOVE IN HER EYES, KATIE! The vision she saw in The Last Jedi when they touched hands–IT CAME TRUE. And THE LOVE IN *HIS* EYES! He loves her so much and I will never, ever get over it.

    Also, BRANDON AND MARIANNE. Brandon is a king among men. Knightley is my favorite Austen hero, but Brandon is just a hair’s-breadth behind him. In fact, I tend to think I’d be far better suited with a Brandon than a Knightley. And David Morrissey in this role is FAAAAAAAAANTASTIC. Sorry, Alan Rickman fans, but David just knocks it outta the ball park.

    I really feel like I need to read “Fangirl” now–I’ve heard about it more than once and it sounds like something I’d enjoy 🙂


    1. “You’re not alone.” “Neither are you.” IT FINALLY CAME TRUE ACCKKKKKKKKKKKK

      *fangirls with you*

      A king among men, indeed! *heart eyes* I agree, Knightley is a fantastic human bean, but he’s not a guy I’d ever want to have a romantic relationship with. We would clash, and I would feel restricted by his strong opinions, even though he wouldn’t intend it … But Brandon would be DELIGHTFUL. Oh, yes, yes, indeed he did. I adore David Morrissey’s portrayal ❤

      "Fangirl" is one of my all-time favorite novels. I love it because in many ways, it's a mirror reflection of my own life: it's about a girl who starts college in 2012, who suffers from painful social anxiety, feels most comfortable as a loner, who writes fiction primarily to escape, who has vivid, traumatic memories of 9/11 … AND SHE GROWS AND MATURES AND FINDS A LOVELY RESPECTFUL BOYFRIEND and so it's massively validating & encouraging & inspiring for me ❤


  2. Rey and Ben!!!! I love those two so, so, so much and they are one of top OTPS!! < 3 Rise of Skywalker was perfect! ❤

    I just watched the 2008 Sense and Sensibility for the first time a few days ago, and OH MY WORD. THAT GLARE. It was hilarious because while watching it my sister had been complaining about Jane Austen, then that scene happened and she yelled, "THAT WAS PERFECT! WE HAVE TO WATCH THAT AGAIN!"


    1. They are so precious and I wuvssssssssss them *sobs* Yes!!! I couldn’t be happier with the way RoS turned out!

      RIGHT????? Omg that’s hilarious!! I’m as big a Jane Austen fan as anybody I know, but that’s exactly what I love about that scene–anybody can appreciate it. Absolutely anybody. Cuz it’s just Awesome. 😀



    That is all.

    (Actually I adored this whole post and really liked your thoughts on why we fangirls love fictional romance so very much. Such a wonderful insight! But also…ROSE AND TENNNNN. <3)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *joins you in chanting* ROSE AND TEN, ROSE AND TEN, ROSE AND TEN–

      Thank you, Christine!! So glad you enjoyed it! ❤ Yeah, I wanted to explain (kind of to myself, and to others) WHY we get so invested in these relationships that aren't 'real' per se, but are nevertheless Super Important.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Jyn and Cassian. <333 Also, Rey and Ben. I didn't want to ship it. But once Ben went good… my willpower cracked and I may have grinned gleefully through every last one of good boi Ben's scenes UNTIL HE DIED AND THEN I WAS MAD AT THE FILMMAKERS BECAUSE WHY DOES BEING REDEEMED ALWAYS MEAN THE PERSON HAS TO DIE AND REY COULD HAVE HEALED HIM BACK OR SOMETHING THEREFORE I REJECT THEIR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE MY OWN. BEN SOLO LIVES ON IN MY HEART OKAY? OKAY. *does the Ben Solo challenge with the sandwich she's eating for lunch* *takes a bite* I have spoken.


    1. SAAAAAAAAAAAME. Yep. I didn’t want to ship it, before the movie started–but I just couldn’t help it, he looked at me with those Good Boy eyes in his Good Boy sweater, and I’m weak. 😉

      Awwwwww. Well, I can understand why you’d feel that way, and I’m sorry. ❤ For myself, it felt fair and realistic that he'd sacrifice himself to save Rey, after all the harm he'd caused … I wasn't upset by it, particularly … but I do have other friends who really wanted him to stay alive, so I do get it. I'm just glad he got that redemption / happy ending BEFORE he died.


  5. Fun post. Always enjoyable to see someone else’s favorite ships. 🙂

    I love Brandon and Marianne too, though I prefer the Rickman/Winslet pairing (though I do like that they gave Brandon more screen time in the miniseries, the duel, carrying her out at the ball, and I prefer their Elinor and Edward).

    You know how I feel about Reylo. Glad for his redemption and their kiss, before he went to a better place.

    Umm. Lifelong ships?

    Lex/Lana from SMALLVILLE until the writers ruined it. Still angry about that. He was good for her. Strengthened her. Helped her feel less like a victim in need of rescuing and taught her self-defense. She urged him toward greater humanity. Overall, they were good for each other.

    Roslin/Adama from Battlestar Galactica. Older couple. They even tried to assassinate each other a few times. 😉 But in the end, the Mother & Father of The Fleet of last-survivors of the human race fell in gentle love and … it makes me cry every time I put myself through that series.

    Han/Leia from Star Wars. They just… crack me up so hard. “I’d rather kiss a wookie!” “That can be arranged!!!” “Get out my way, you scruffy nerd-herder!”

    Logan/Veronica from Veronica Mars. “We were… epic.” Yes, you were. Sigh.

    I also rooted for Matthew/Mary on Downton Abbey. Until the evil writer ruined my life. 😉

    Amy/Rory in Doctor Who. Those two are my precious OTP.

    I’m sure there’s more creaking about in the spider-infested attic of my brain, but that’s enough for now.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I had a great time writing it 😀

      I think Rickman and Winslet did an amazing job acting, their portrayals are super memorable–I just feel more drawn to the Morrissey/Wakefield one on a personal level BECAUSE MORRISSEY IS AN ANGRY GOOD DOG AND I WUVS HIM.


      I knew you’d be pleased to see Rey and Ben on here. 😉 I was thinking about who to include, and I was like, “did Rey and Ben make the list …?” and then the answer was obviously, “Yep. They did. They made the list.” xD

      Good choices! I like them!

      RORY AND AMY ARE PRECIOUSSSSSSS. And why, oh why, must Evil Authors ruin our lives like they do??? *growls*


      1. Morrissey has a count against him, because the first time I ever saw him, he was playing a murderous, violent, angst-ridden psychopath in a Dickens adaptation who beat someone almost to death and I saw him butt naked. 😛 That put me off him.

        It was highly pleasant for me to re-watch and cry over “Rise of Skywalker” last week in the comfort of my living room with no anti-Relyo stranger sitting next to me to go “EWW.” They are my precious angty space babies, yes they are.

        Some authors need slapped. If it’s a historical story and one of them must die, so be it. But to tear characters apart or rip out our hearts unnecessarily is just jerk writer behavior. 😛


      2. Loooooooooool. Well, that’s understandable! Gotta love those Dickens villains, huh? 😉

        I AM GLAD. That sounds like a deeply gratifying experience. Hush up, anti-Reylo-strangers, wE ARE HAVING A MOMENT. xD

        Agreed!! I’m okay with some character deaths, but others are clearly not needed and just there for the Drama.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah. No. I mean, I hate them, but he writes them so well, I admire his talent. 😉

        Hahaha. It made me so happy, I almost grabbed and kissed Cap, but I knew my wee kitty wouldn’t like it.

        Beth March, for example? 😛 *angry bitter mutters*

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Looooong comment warning.

    Jyn and Cassian, Rogue One. Yeah, the snatching of that should have kiss made me furious although I tried to open my mind and acknowledge the artistic ambiguity (I HATE ambiguity). I need to watch this again.

    Rey and Ben Solo, The Rise of Skywalker. Oh, my. I just, I don’t know, there was so much I wish could have been different so they really could be together.

    Clint and Nat, the MCU. This is infuriating to all times, of all the chemistry and true friendship and romance and it all together I’ve ever seen, this pairing has to have the most, and I didn’t even care for the characters individually, but together, oh my stars those STUPID blind writers, ugh.

    Liesel and Rudy, The Book Thief. Ok, so this is definitely as ship, but after everything. I THEN (NOT BEFORE), wanted Max and Liesel, it just felt right.

    Marianne and Brandon, Sense and Sensibility (2008). This is one of my NO’s, this version particularly. As a Marianne type character, I just can’t see that type of pairing work for me in real life even if Matthew McFadyen (his character of Arthur Clennam is so like what Colonel Brandon should be) had played him.

    When I have more of a brain, maybe I can come up with my own OTP post a more conclusive (if that is possible), I feel like I don’t know, I feel more intensely about pairings when I don’t love much of else in the story, and I just enjoy the pairings as part of the overall loving of the story in my favorite books, usually? Maybe because my favorite book and movies are often more peaceful and dynamic dramatic pairings usually appear in highly intense movies. I also think its hard to find pairings where I respect both characters equally. Sometimes I like the couple but I only like one of them when they are together? Or we don’t get to know one character as well?
    Well, I have thought of some.

    Will and Elizabeth in Pirates, as forgettable and laughably stupid as the newest Pirates (only the first three are cannon in my mind), Will and Elizabeth’s reunion was amazing! Everything they go through together and separate in that crazy series, man I love that series and man what a growth timeline between Miss Priss and Mr. Shy and Meek.

    Peter Parker and Gwen in the Amazing Spider Man. I loved them so much and they were both fully their own characters and people.

    Harry and Ginny (in the books, I can’t believe how the movie ruined them, like that wasn’t Ginny, well that really wasn’t Harry either, also the lack of chemistry was unbelievable). Also, um JK Rowling, Ginny should’ve been with the trio after Harry got together, Ginny would totally have gone Horacrux hunting with them and you know, she grew up and was friends with Hermione, and friend groups grow. It just felt like Rowling was trying to artificially keep the trio a trio after you about, book 5, but especially after 6. Man, now I want to reread these.


    1. Love long comments!!

      As an artistic choice, I was totally okay with Jyn and Cassian not kissing–in my mind they WOULD HAVE, but were prevented by circumstances, so I was like “this is fine, but I still ship them.” Like, the writing did make sense to me.
      It’s more as a fangirl that I was exquisitely and maddeningly frustrated, if you know what I mean. 😉

      WHAT I’M SAYINNNNNNNNN. About Clint and Nat. Oh, my gosh. Just as two human beings, they belonged together, they had the potential to be so epic as a romantic pairing, and for the writers to just … squash that?? People, I ask you, WHAT do you think you’re doing???

      That’s fair. Marianne also reminds me of myself, but I really, really, reallyyy like David Morrissey’s Brandon and he’s the kind of guy I wish I could be with. So that’s a big reason why I ship them.

      Aw, I loved Peter and Gwen in The Amazing Spider Man. ❤ Didn't love their interpretation of the CHARACTER of Spiderman, but Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as a couple? AbsoLUTELY.

      I've heard really good things about Book Harry and Book Ginny …


    2. I cried at the Will/Elizabeth reunion in the last PotC movie. One of my friends also cried (in a different theater) and said people around her were giving her weird looks. Apparently, they had not invested OVER A DECADE OF THEIR LIFE INTO THAT RELATIONSHIP. 😉


  7. Marianne and Brandon are such a lovely couple. I never have much to say about them but they are quietly and comfortably wonderful.

    PETE AND BEATRIZ. Seeing them on here made me happy! They are another quietly wonderful one. And I LOVE what you said about how Beatriz will always be a bit of a mystery to Pete and that’s good, that’s PART OF IT.
    I really love Pete – the All-American Square is probably my favorite kind of fictional male, not gonna lie xD and as for Beatriz, she’s got to make my Top Five Most Relatable Characters Ever list or something… So like? What you said just made something click in my brain. Because IF I were to give up the single life, that is what I’d want. I don’t crave being understood. Most people don’t understand me, and I’m FINE WITH THAT. I want someone who likes both the parts of me he understands and the parts he doesn’t. Someone willing to plunge into mysteries with me. To…take things on faith. And ENJOY taking them on faith.
    Idk. #endofhighlyhypotheticalrabbittrail


    1. “Quietly and comfortably wonderful.” Yes! That’s such a fitting description of Brandon and Marianne, I love it! ❤

      GIRL. That is AWESOME. Pete Wyatt is a thoroughly good specimen of a human being–I don't 100% want that type of guy myself, but he is A VERY GOOD TYPE OF GUY. And if you relate to Beatriz, then by all means, go for it!!! I pray that you will find your Pete Wyatt who will appreciate the mysteries of your character and that you will both be very happy ❤

      Liked by 1 person


    “do you ever realize we spend our days hoping imaginary people will kiss each other” << well, I officially feel dreadful about my life choices. xD JUST KIDDING. Seriously, thanks for your little spiel about WHY we do that; as everyone else has said, it was Validating. ❤


    "like literally what kind of star-crossed Shakespearean crap" You have just translated the cry of my heart into eight finely chosen words. xD

    YOU KEEP MAKING ME WANT TO WATCH THE WEST WING JUST FOR JOSH & DONNA. “Tell me where Donna Moss is.” I have no context but *crying face emojis*

    Rudy Steiner. *more crying face emojis* “He does something to me, that boy. Every time. It’s his only detriment. He stomps on my heart. He makes me cry.” ❤ ❤ ❤

    Brandon & Marianne, yesssss! ❤ I love them and that movie so much forever. THE GLARE THING, INDEED. THE GLARE THING IS LIFE.

    "reading Cath and Levi’s love story was the very first time I saw myself as worthy of being romanced, of being chosen … anxiety, awkwardness, trauma, warts and all. Like. It’s all very well to see your heroes getting the happy ending they deserve–it’s another level entirely to picture YOURSELF getting what you deserve." WHY YOU GOTTA DO MY HEART LIKE THAT.

    And that Doctor/Rose collage. ❤ ❤ ❤

    This is a Most Happy post and you have inspired me to write something happy for my own blog. ❤ Idk what yet but it's okay. xD [Maybe a big ol' rave about Brooklyn 99 or the other TV shows I've been loving lately? We shall see.]


    1. OH NO!!!! Internet, why must you torture us so??? I am so sorry *sad faces*

      But, I love your comment!! ❤ And yesssss, the "tell me where Donna Moss" bit is from when Donna was a victim of a terrorist attack, while traveling for the administration, so Josh dropped everything and flew halfway around the world to be with her–except, he wasn't family and wasn't a Significant Other (yet) so the hospital staff didn't want to let him in … so, he just leaned over the counter and dropped that line in his inimitable Bradley Whitford voice, with his Bradley Whitford eyes. and it KILLED ME. It killed me dead.

      Rudyyyyyyyyyyy *sobs forever*

      I love how we just refer to it as THE GLARE THING and we just KNOW. xD xD

      Sowwy, I just gotta, because … I gotta. 😛

      Good, good!! I am looking muchly forward to more Happy Posts! ❤ ❤


      1. (*peeks around the corner and whispers*) So, ahem, I got the notification for Livie’s comment in my inbox this morning, so I went and watched the thing, and it is BEAUTIFUL and YOU WILL DEFINITELY CRY. Sorry–just had to tiptoe in and let y’all know XD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Someone posted it on my instagram stories this morning, and I watched it, and was like, oh, my i have to share it (it hadn’t gotten tons of views considering the subject). I knew you would appreciate it.

        Liked by 1 person

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