Local Girl Stuck At Home, Not Writing: More At 6

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So … I know I’m not alone in finding the COVID-19 quarantine a singularly frustrating experience.  Yes, I fully acknowledge: I have been lucky.  Yes, I am home safe with my family.  We’ve all stayed healthy so far.  Yes, I still have work, and I’m still earning money to pay my bills.  These are things I’m grateful for.

But at the end of the day … working from home is not fun.  Teaching math over video chat (VIDEO CHAT, I ASK YOU) is not something I ever prepared or trained for.  Worst of all?  The hours of video lessons have drastically cut into my screen allowance, and hence, into my writing.  I simply can’t spend all afternoon on the computer, teaching, and then be like, oh, yes!  Time to type them words, baby!!  If I aim to save my sanity (not to mention my eyesight), something’s gotta give.

And since I don’t have the option to quit work–and since I’m not one of those lucky writers who can draft by hand–well, my WIPs must take a backseat for now.

#priorities  #adulting  #apocalypse edition

ron swanson

So instead, I thought I’d do a bit of a pick-me-up post.  I want to talk about where I am in my writing, how far I’ve come lately, and what I’m planning for the future once all this blows over.  Shall we?

I’m currently querying agents for Water Horse, the 90K-word Western cowboy fantasy I finished drafting back in December.  (Just got through a round of edits.)  I know it’s a weird time to be querying, but agents on Twitter be like “PLEASE SEND US SOMETHING,” because THEY’RE stuck at home & bored, too.  So, I am duly sending them something 😛  We’ll see what I get back!

In the meantime, I’m 20K words into Book 2, Dragon.  The basic premise is, I’m taking Jack-the-cowboy from Water Horse, and I’m throwing him together with a rampaging Chinese dragon and a Chinese-American masked vigilante girl who fights sex trafficking.  What with editing and querying and work responsibilities and now quarantine, this new draft has been moving more slowly … but I really love Jack’s POV.  And Shufen’s POV.  Jack has #anxiety and a gambling addiction and makes Trash™ Life Decisions.  Shufen is full of rage at the entire world, for, like, obvious & understandable reasons.  They’re a fun, juicy pair.

andy dwyer
Jack at some point, probably

Additionally, I’m mulling over how to revise that Holocaust novel from a couple years ago, Gold.  I still think I had a killer emotional concept, but I also think the middle really dragged and needs to be punched up.  Also, plotholes??  so many plotholes??  *facepalm*  PLUS the hist-fic market is suuuuuuper saturated with WW2 stories at the moment, so I really need to make my product as good as humanly possible, lest it get lost in the shuffle.

Then, of course, there’s brainstorming Books 3, 4, and 5 of the Western fantasy series … not to mention that Roman Empire heist-treasure-hunt-fleeing-from-arranged-marriage story which popped into my head last week …

ben wyatt
sane people @me rn

No, I promise, it’ll be really fun, see???  There’s this girl who’s the daughter of a big-shot Roman military governor, and he’s trying to force her into a politically advantageous marriage with a Stupid Jerkface, soooooooo she skedaddles and takes her mother’s ancient jewels, which were supposed to be her dowry, with her, setting off this huge, empire-wide manhunt, because THEY WANT THE JEWELS BACK.  Also, there are pirates.  Cuz why not.  xD

i regret nothing

How about you, friend?

What’s a writing milestone you’re shooting for this year?

Tell me all!







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  1. I think being able to write is the only thing saving me from insanity right now. It’s not that I actively go anywhere and do anything, it’s that not being allowed to if I want to is driving me nuts. (Plus, you know, anxiety about how this might hurt our business, our clients, etc., financially in the long term. So freaking fun.)

    Your writing projects sound entertaining. 🙂

    I only work on one thing at a time, so, Tudor novel wise — finish this book about Lambert Simnel and ‘the last’ conspiracy at Henry VII’s court. Got the next two kind of mapped out in my head — Margaret Tudor’s trip to Scotland with the Howard family (who hate the Scots, so there will be trouble); Sir Thomas More seeing the aftermath of closing Southwark. Got various blog-related projects — mostly for the MBTI and Tolkien blog, since … I have no passion for my personal one anymore. Maybe it’s time to move on?

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      It’s so weird for me, cuz my normal routine does involve leaving the house and driving places, either work or to the library, every day … and all that’s suddenly been taken away. Like a magical genie. Poof! Although, I’m grateful that I still have about the same amount of work and income as before; my brothers are both unemployed and having to file for benefits. Scary.

      Thank you 😀 I hope they will be entertaining!!

      “who hate the Scots, so there will be trouble”–LOL!! I can’t wait!

      Hm, yeah, there’s probably not much point in forcing yourself to continue the personal blog, if you’re not enjoying it … Knowing you, you will find a new blog idea, or several, to replace it with. 😉 ❤


      1. I am rather used to getting things from the library — either ordering them online, picking them up, or having someone pick them up for me, so it’s weird not having that option. Our state just extended the quarantine until April 11th, so… I don’t know if they’ll open on the 1st as they intended to or not. I’d kind of like to get my holds off the shelf. Sigh.

        I’m sorry about your brothers, and sorry you don’t really feel up to writing at the moment. Can you rearrange your schedule and get it done first thing in the morning? That used to help me — I’d get up before breakfast and write for a couple of hours, but the older I get, the lazier I am and inclined to only get around to writing mid-morning or early afternoon on my free days.

        Yeah, hating the Scots is a little bit of an understatement. The Howards LOATHED the Scots. But I can’t say what happens, because that would be… telling. And I’m not sure how much history of the period you know. 😉

        The personal blog seems to have reached a point of “uh… I don’t have anything to say here anymore,” and I’m not sure if it’s permanent or temporary. I guess I feel like it’s too random, that having more specific-blogs is useful, but I no longer feel so energetic as to start up a bunch of new ones. So, we shall see. It’s kind of like how I was a voracious video-maker for years, and then… stopped. And never started up again.


      2. April 11th. My birthday. Dang. Yepppp, it’s been hard for me, because all of a sudden I have to be a lot more “calculating” about what I’m gonna read next. Trying to ration my new books so I don’t run out.

        Haha!! Yep, I’m not a morning person, so I would probably only be able to write in the late mornings, if at all. And my mood seems to be better overall if I refrain from using the computer in the mornings as much as possible.

        Lol. I actually don’t know much history from the period! I know the broad outlines, but that’s about it. My knowledge improves once we reach the actual Reformation, because #Catholic school history–but we ain’t there yet, of course 😉

        That’s fair! Hey, I mean, even if you stopped doing the personal blog, you’d still have Femnista, FunkyMBTI, and the Tolkien blog, so you’d be plenty busy.


      3. Aww. Happy Birthday in advance.

        Is the digital version of the library working at all? I haven’t checked mine, since reading Harry Potter is taking awhile, but I can’t see why e-books wouldn’t be available??

        Aw. Such an introvert. I think it’s the reverse for us extroverts; we wake up raring to go and wind down as they day goes on. All the introverts I know are the reverse, minus my mother who goes all day long.

        Okay, good. Then some of my plot twists based on history will be actual surprises for you. 😉 The reverse is true for me, where I read Tudor books going “… waiting for That Thing to happen.” LOL

        I had a thought today that I could write more Kibbe posts, since they are very popular / by far the most-searched / viewed thing on my blog, but I’m not sure I have much to add. I am now considering Flamboyant Natural for myself, since I have way more ‘yang’ than I thought (broad shoulders, long arms and legs, Dramatic cheekbones [high] and nose, etc), but I’m not sure of that either and I can’t go out to try on things and see. LOL But overall, I’m having a really hard time self-motivating to do anything right now.

        This… whole thing is being real hard on my ENFP sense of optimism. I had no idea, either, how much I rely on seeing my friends frequently to keep my emotional tank filled. Your birthday is April 11, mine is May 3. Will I be allowed to see them by then? Don’t know. So not only do I get my annual pre-birthday depression (another year older :P)… I’m depressed about Other, More Important Things too. Sigh.


      4. Tho, Best Buy shipped The Rise of Skywalker and I’ll get it a day early, so there are a few nice things to think about. Plus, we Cap turns 3 years old on April 1st. I am going to the store and buying him tuna and me ice cream. 😛


      5. Okay, I totally didn’t see your earlier comment, so I’m replying to that now … *facepalms @self*

        Thank you! ❤ I hope it will be a good birthday … it'll be weird, this year, if the quarantine is still going while we are trying to celebrate our birthdays. Like the ONE DAY of the year, of all days, when I would legitimately LIKE to hang with friends, I can't?? *sad face*

        Totally didn't think of that. I should try downloading digital books on my Kindle, from the library–since, after all, it would be free. I know my sister Mary has used my Kindle for that purpose with success in the past.

        Oh. Ha. You're right, that makes perfect sense, for an introvert to need to progressively "gear up" throughout the day. When I wake up in the morning, I'm like "NO" at the entire world … and my mood perks up steadily, but I gotta do nice, gentle things for a while first. Like read a book or go for a walk.

        You do, you definitely do have those long, Dramatic lines in your figure. I think that's what makes you look tall. Like, you are the same height as me, but you look and seem tall, whereas people look at me and they’re like, “aww, she’s short!” Me: *grumbles* 😛

        This whole thing has been bloody hell, and offers drastic temptation for my 4ish-ness to stand up and yell, “see, I was RIGHT all along! Life SUCKS and the world is BROKEN!!!” Like, Ne is my aux function anyway, so I was never suuuuuuper optimistic, but now I have to fight to be even a little tiny bit optimistic.


      6. Could you ‘hang’ with your friends online? I know Google Chrome has an app now, where you can log on and watch a movie together (provided you all have Netflix). There’s also various chat room options / Skype. It’s not the same thing, but at least you would feel a little less alone. Also, they should mail you presents. Just saying. 😉

        Hopefully the library is allowing e-borrows right now. Some of them also have movies online, if you get bored. I haven’t signed up for the extended library system yet, so there may be a limit on how much you can watch / listen to. (I am glad to hear that book publishers are refusing to give discounts on e-books to libraries for much longer, which means the libraries will continue getting actual physical copies. I prefer them to ebooks!)

        I get up and the first thing I do is check my tumblr chat boxes / e-mail. If nobody has said anything to me, or is online, my mood takes a swan dive and it is a few hours before I stop being grouchy. I never really realized how much of a dang extrovert I am until recently.

        Yeah, the more I compare FN and SN, the more I lean toward FN because of the long lines. All Kibbe’s examples of SNs have much shorter arms than mine (and legs, I guess?). And I did remember that you were surprised to find me around your own height, because you assumed I was much taller. I never SAW myself as ‘looking’ tall before and now I am like ?!? wut. (I don’t want to wear clothes that are baggy or have no waist definition, tho… so no. Uh-uh. I will just go for yang lines.)

        You don’t look short to me. You have long limbs too, they’re just smaller than mine. 😉

        I am… somewhere in between pessimism and optimism. Whenever I look at the news, I think we are all doomed. Whenever I don’t, I think the sun is going to shine. Part of me is like “this sucks,” and the other part of me is like “there’s been pandemics for as long as the earth has existed and humans taken part in it… this too shall pass.”

        Then there is my ongoing ‘struggle’ with God. Are you going to fix this? Well, frankly, why would you, when you let pandemics wipe out people in the past? Why should we be any different? I’m not one of those starry-eyed believers who is reassuring themselves with “no matter what happens, it will all work for the good :)” … but part of me wishes I COULD feel that way. I just… have this low Te’ish sense of “… well. This is life. It sucks sometimes. You go through it, and then you resume normality.”

        Then there was me feeling a little relieved that I lost all my grandparents already, so I don’t have to dread THAT possibility. Followed by the feeling of, “But your aunts and uncles and your father are all in the at-risk age group.” Dammit.


      7. I’m going to mail YOU a present. 😉 Hey, that’s a good idea! I’ve done “virtual movie nights” with friends before, and if there’s a Netflix chat thing specifically dedicated to it, that would make it even easier.

        Okay, wow, yup. You definitely are an extrovert, then!! I mean, we knew that, but. 😉 Yep, I have to wake up fully before I can really take an interest in The Great World Beyond.

        Haha! Okay, good, I’m glad to know I don’t come across as TOO short. I think part of the problem is, I come from a family of veryyyyyyyyy tall people, unusually tall people, so I’m always comparing myself to [or being compared to] them. “And here is our Small One.” Lol. You, on the other hand, come across as Tall and Queenly.

        *heavy sigh* I’m struggling with some of the same stuff you are, I think. FOR SURE I’m torn between “why is God letting this happen, specifically, to my friends right now?” and “why has God let LITERALLY ANY bad thing happen throughout ALL of human history?” Because it feels selfish and un-historical to ask for special treatment now, when this definitely isn’t the first time, and yet … well, why does any of this awfulness happen? ever? Viewing the problem through a wide-angle lens instead of a narrow one puts a different spin on it, but doesn’t erase it entirely.

        Whether I listen to the news or not, my mood is roughly the same. This is not the end of the world, human society WILL survive, as it’s survived pandemics in the past: yet, a disturbingly large number of humans are dying, and will continue to die. Maybe it will be somebody I know. Probably someone I know. Maybe someone in my family,

        And that sucks. It’s real life, and it sucks. And I’m frankly tired of Christians telling me “not to be afraid” or “not to be sad” when a) you don’t control my emotions, pal, and b) the only logical way I could “not be scared” is by IGNORING REALITY.


      8. Hey, you stole my idea. LOL I was just thinking I should mail you something, though I may order it through Amazon for you and send it that way to avoid going to the post office. 😛

        Yes. There is a Google Chrome app that works with Netflix. Google it. You’ll find it. (I don’t use Chrome, or I’d try it out, but I may soon if this quarantine keeps up indefinitely.)

        It’s not always great having a mind that boots up the second I wake up, especially if that’s at 3am. I have literally felt my brain ‘coming on’ and it isn’t like this sweet little hum, either, it’s like… a bunch of Ne thoughts going out in all directions, picking up thoughts I left off the night before, thinking of what I want to do today, plot points and threads, etc. I sometimes lay there in the middle of the night going “Noooo… stawwwp.”

        Haha, if you have Tall Ones in your family, I can see how that might give you a complex. I’m only 5’6″ which is ‘average height’ but I have noticed how much taller I am in general than a LOT of women, especially if I wear heels. I just… always thought of my legs as short and dumpy looking, because I was picking bad length skirts to try on, so it was a real shock to realize I have long limbs. o.O And I thought I had more yin than I do, which is why frills have not looked good on me in decades. (WAH.) But at least now maybe I can find some clothes. (And… I am in the same boat as Daisey Ridley, with her T shape, which ain’t that bad of a place to be, IMO.)

        I don’t often admit this to people, because they’d rip me apart, but I can see why Jefferson and Franklin and a few of the other Founders were Deists, operating under the assumption that God started the world spinning and hasn’t interfered since. I am not quite that cynical since I have seen a few instances of what I’d call Miraculous Intervention, but I think a lot of the ways Christians “self-soothe” is just… them imaginatively trying to invent “some good will come out of this.” Because they can’t stand the notion that nothing good may come out of it, and how that might reflect on our “generous and benevolent deity.” OR they go to the other extreme and scream that this pandemic is God’s punishment for [insert thing here]. Being raised a Christian, I know all the right ‘answers’ to these questions (all will be revealed in time, God has a much bigger plan than we can see, all things work together for good, etc) but at the same time, I’m torn between “I will pray for my friends / family / the world,” and “But if I didn’t, would it make a difference? If so, and if You require me praying for them to do something, isn’t that kind of a Jerk thing to do?” But maybe praying isn’t about them, or God, but about the person doing the praying. Being able to humble themselves and ask for help?

        I need answers, but suspect I may not get them in this life.

        Emotionally, there’s a surreal element to it. I know the numbers of people dying, but it’s just a number, until it’s someone I know / care about / is connected to me. I feel kind of… numb about it, which I suspect is a self-preservation coping mechanisms. Humans just can’t handle massive shocks and grief on this level, so we are somehow able to shut off part of our ability to comprehend what things actually MEAN and go about our day. It feels a little strange. Like when someone you love dies, and you feel like the world should stop for awhile, but most of us… get up the next day and eat breakfast. We go on. As will the world. But it’ll be something we never forget, rather like 9-11 for those of us old enough to remember it.

        I think some fear is natural. I’m not afraid of dying, but I’d rather not lose my parents. It’s not yet their time, they have much life to live yet. I think the best thing to be is wise — to be sensible but also cautious. Wear gloves to the store and shower when you get home. Etc.


      9. I think that’s what I’m gonna do, too. 😉 Ordinarily, I would have the thing sent to me first and lovingly hand-wrap it and draw smiley faces on the wrapping and THEN send it to you–but the last time I went to the post office, it felt like some kind of Zone of Death. so I don’t think I wanna try that again.

        Daisy Ridley has an amazing figure and you are LUCKY indeed to be shaped like her. (and I agree, you are.) Bless.

        Nope, I get it. I really do get it. Because while I can think of instances where God has intervened directly in my life, or the lives of others–I can think of many more instances, gutwrenchingly painful ones, where He could have stepped in directly to stop something awful from happening to an innocent person, and He didn’t.

        And why is that? What separates the “yes, this requires direct intervention on My part” from “no, I’m gonna let the humans sort this one out on their own”?

        I DON’T KNOW. I don’t see a rhyme or reason to it. I only know that I see a God Who clearly IS in charge, yet doesn’t always … ACT like it. And that’s confusing as heck.

        I do believe prayer is just as much about the person praying as the person being prayed for. I also believe that God can bring good out of evil, but I also think He relies very much on humans’ free will in order to do so. So (from what I’ve seen) He allows horrific things to happen, and then looks at us like “well? Are you gonna MAKE something good come out of this, or not?”

        For all those reasons, Christians who act like everything is fated to turn out well or that they are fated to have a happy, safe life just cuz they believe in God make me go “uhhhhhhhhh.” To quote our dear old Crowley–“where have YOU been living?”


        I’m trying to be cautious, while not utterly panic-stricken. And I will be praying for you and your parents. ❤ I'm worried about my grandpa, because he's over 70 and severely immunocompromised. He can't leave the house at all right now.


      10. I replied to this at length the other day, then hit Cancel by accident. SIGH.

        My post office manager looked stressed when I saw her the other day (no doubt a ton of packages coming through) so I’ll cut her out as the middle woman and send it direct, even if I’d rather get things and wrap them nicely. 😛

        I think God expects us to have some brains and ask for wisdom — for us to be more active in helping ourselves even if it involves trusting Him in the end — because… there’s really no other explanation. I guess none of us get the concept of ‘free’ will. Nor do we want it. We want some magical intervention here, but we wouldn’t like it if we didn’t have free will all the time. 😛 But no, we’re not fated to have an easy or a happy life. That’s just not how reality works.

        Hopefully, if your grandad stays home and doesn’t see people much, he should be okay. If he needs groceries, he may even be able to order them and have them delivered to his door. I ran into my uncle the other day and he looked tired / stressed… but then, I think he had my 20-something cousins staying with him. LOL

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      11. Urgh!! I’m so sorry!! I always get bummed out when that happens to me 😦

        I look forward to it 😉 ❤

        Exactlyyyyyyy. There are times when I don't WANT free will, I don't WANT me & everybody else to be free to mess things up, at any time. Yet, I guard my autonomy so fiercely when other humans threaten it, I suspect I’d be Mad, indeed, were God Himself to do so. 😉

        Yes. Grandpa and Grandma are both staying safe in their house, and I’m pretty sure they’re getting their groceries delivered and even disinfecting their mail. So hopefully, all shall yet be well.

        Aw. Poor guy …


      12. It was long and thought-out and… oh well. That’s life. You hit Cancel and lose everything.

        Would you be mad, or would you not even KNOW you didn’t have free will? 😉


      13. Pfft. You only THINK you control your autonomy. In reality, we’re hooked up to a bunch of machines like in The Matrix, and this quarantine is all part of a Game. 😛


      14. I had a theory once that all of time/history is happening not in a line, but simultaneously. Thus, we are not all suffering over centuries, but all at the SAME TIME for a brief period of time, in a weird loop. Theoretically, this would mean time travel would simply be figuring out a way to step across the loop.

        Strangely, nobody wanted to discuss this with me. 😉


      15. Whoa. Okay. So in that scenario–all these “different” time periods would be set up next to each other, simultaneously, instead of a linear arrangement where one comes after the other after the other?

        That’s … actually pretty cool … 😉


      16. Yep, like a slinky toy at rest on a desk. You close it, and it’s just a circular spiral a few inches high, with each spiral resting on each other perfectly, but you pull it out and the individual threads stretch. So time is happening in the spiral but in a continual loop. OR you could say the world is just a slinky toy resting on God’s desk. That works too. Wonder when / if he’ll come back and play with it. 😉


  2. I’m not working from home (that would be, for me, another term for being unemployed), , but at least I’m working, for now. Do you have bluelight glasses, I got some from Eyebuy direct, I don’t know how that would work if you have prescription glasses or maybe you could do both. But I got to pick my frame and they are really cute. I try to wear them with any computer time at work and home, and I hope they help anyway.

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  3. Ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, that stinkkkkkkks. 😥 I’m sorry, friend. Life is just so much better when we can WRITE, no matter what else is going on. But when life is hard, writing gets hard too, whether from busyness or stress–not to mention the dangers of computer screens or wrist pain or the like. Also, it’s like Burndee’s magic–a writing brain is a delicate instrument that can’t function with invisible gremlins drumming on it! (Indirectly quoting A Royal Masquerade by Allison Tebo.)

    BUT I LOVE YOUR WRITING UPDATE!!! Way to celebrate the progress. You ARE doing well and being productive, even if that consists of letting your brain run away with a wonderful new idea to let it rest and recharge while still being creative. (And that idea is awesome, I must say! And not just cause Pirates.)

    Also, that GIF–is TOTALLY JACK. Ahaha!! The Chris Pratt GIF.

    I relate to having my hands full with more books than I can possibly write in the near future–despite my desperate NEED and drive to write them in the near future–and my inability to write scenes at all for the time being. *cries* It’s been almost a full year since I’ve written a scene, and that was just for two weeks in the middle of a dry year.

    BUT. I am outlining! I may not be drafting novels, but boy howdy, am I planning them!! I’m just doing what I can and going with it. I would like to do some more intentional plotting of cohesive, overarching things, and I’ve been able to do that some. And I’m almost always able to outline scenes, so you can bet I’m planning every scene I can! My books are coming together slowly but surely. And juggling that one huge series plus other important WIPs is actually going well! And my brain is working. That is good. XD

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    1. “A delicate instrument that can’t function with invisible gremlins drumming on it”–ahahahahaa! YESSSSS!!! That’s 100% how I feel!! Chill, gremlins, you’re making my life way harder than it needs to be! 😛

      You’re right–I am still finding ways to be creative, even in this season, and YOU ARE TOO, and I’m so proud of you, dear. ❤ ❤

      Yaaaaaaaaaaaas. Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer is most definitely my son Jack. *grins*


  4. You had me at pirates 🙂

    My writing goals:

    + Finish One Bad Apple and kick it out into the world
    + Release a couple short stories for free
    + Revise a western I wrote a few years ago that is not in my series and get ready to release it as a stand-alone
    + Start writing my Beauty & the Beast retelling

    If I can get 3 of those 4 accomplished, I will be fully satisfied with my writing year.

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    1. PIRATES 😀

      Also, you may be interested to know that there is one particularly handsome Greek-looking pirate named Philip who gets a Feisty Romance with one of the Spunky Female Leads 😉

      Awesome goals! *high-fives you* Every time you release a book, I’m like GIMMEEEEEEEEEEE, so I eagerly await all of these!

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      1. *raises hand* Please, sir, I am here for Greek-looking pirates named Philip who get Feisty Romances with Spunky Female Leads.


  5. I’m sorry this is cutting into your writing time! And teaching math over video chat . . . *shudders* You’ll get through it, fren. ❤


    [Also, I'm not very far into Water Horse yet, but . . . *grins* I already Quite Like George. 😉 ;)]


    1. Thank you, fren. ❤ It's been rough, these past weeks, but it is slowlyyyyyy getting easier. And the longer this isolation goes on, the more grateful I become for my students' smiling faces in the video feed–EVEN IF the audio is crappy and the whiteboard technology leaves Much To Be Desired.


      Awwwwwwwww. I wish you could've seen my grin when I read that. I Quite Like George, myself. 😉


  6. Your stories sound beautiful and I neeeed them. And the Roman Empire one???? Yes please???? Those agents better offer you a contract and get them books out into the world ASAP if they know what’s good for them.
    (Not being able to write must be so frustrating though. D:)


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