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Greetings, citizens!

I felt like doing a tag today, so I’m borrowing this one from Eva@Coffee, Classics, and Craziness.  It’s basically six sets of five things . . . pretty self-explanatory.  And fun 🙂

Five things you’ll find in my purse:  

1. my wallet

2. my keys

3. my driver’s license

4. my library card

5. my checkbook

Just the bare necessities, I’m afraid.  😉  I don’t like having a crowded purse.  Crowding stresses me out.

crayons, on the other hand, do not.

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:  

1. my Thirteenth Doctor poster

2. a jar of coral my friend from preschool gave me after she visited Florida.  I’ve kept it for over 20 years.  It still smells like salt water, which makes me happy.

3. a hand-sculpted clay duck from Egypt.  His name is Bertram.

Bertram and the coral.

4. many, many, many books  😉

5. two framed diplomas

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:  

1. go to Europe

2. be traditionally published

3. learn to speak Gaelic (hey, why not?)

4. visit California, a.k.a. the birthplace I don’t remember

5. get a blue pair of glasses.  Blue is my favorite color, but I’ve never had blue frames.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset
like so, perhaps.

5 things that make me feel happy: 

1. the song “Without You” from Rent (what?  you ASKED :-P)

2. sunshine

3. reuben sandwiches with lots of sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing


4. The West Wing

5. folding clean laundry

5 things I’m currently into:  

1. the song “Miss Atomic Bomb” by The Killers

2. wearing colored socks

3. spending time outdoors, now the winter rains have stopped

4. John Mulaney specials on Netflix.  Especially “The Comeback Kid.”  There’s something peculiarly soothing about “The Comeback Kid.”

52ee9f40c2aeb7f73ca7c4b1c6064096 (1).gif

5. reading Terry Prachett (I started The Wee Free Men yesterday and OH MY WORD, YOU GUYS)

5 things on my to-do list:  

1. go to work tomorrow (lol)

2. finalize the last details of my Realm Makers trip

3. watch Avengers: Endgame

4. read Silence, by Shusaku Endo

5. buy another gel pen for journal-writing when my current gel pen runs out

probably not this cute.  sadly.

Feel free to steal, the tag, if you’ve a mind to.  😉


14 thoughts on “The Five Things Tag

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  1. *reads phrase* *reads it again* Wait. Hold on a second. Did I read that correctly? YOU’RE GOING TO REALM MAKERS??? *screaming* I’LL GET TO MEET YOU!!!!!!

    ANYways. . . .

    This tag was so fun! It was really interesting. (And learning to speak Gaelic would definitely be interesting, I agree! 🙂 )


  2. A+ for Bertram and the coral. 😀

    Mmm, I like your ‘5 things I’ve always wanted to do’ list. ❤

    I love John Mulaney. And that last pen picture you included is so aesthetically pleasing.

    Also, you're going to Realm Makers???!!! Ahhh, so exciting!! I'm not, but I'm sure it'll be such a fantastic time and all the peeps who will get to meet you are very lucky indeed. 😉


  3. TERRY PRATCHETT!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Ahem. If you go to Europe, can I tag along? I want to go but daren’t go by myself, coz it’s Probably Dangerous To Travel Alone. I’ve been low-key hunting for someone to go with me who wouldn’t mind me traipsing around England with shining eyes and slightly more than my usual amount of !!!!.


    1. I AM LOVING HIS WRITING SO MUCH. ❤ It is the zaniest thing I have read in forever and I am living for it. Also, Tiffany Aching is a gloriously unique female protagonist who gives me all kinds of joy.

      Please!!!! Yes!!! That would be amazing!!!! Cuz I don't want to go alone either, traveling alone is no fun, I NEED somebody to gush about all the Things with 😀 😀 😀 And England is #1 on my list of places to visit, no lie.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. IMO, he’s much zanier than Gaiman. 😉 And yes, Tiffany is one of his sweetest protagonists. Have you met Granny Weatherwax yet? She amuses me immensely.

        Yay! We must plan a trip sometime! I love England coz a) history b) it doesn’t require learning a foreign language and c) the Tower of London. Ha, ha. Ireland, though, I hear is amazing too. And friendlier than England. 😉


      2. If “The Wee Free Men” is any kind of fair sampling, he is DEFINITELY zanier than Gaiman 😉

        I think I have, yes! At the very end? She was one of the witches who promised to teach Tiffany the tricks of the trade once she gets a bit older.

        We must, absolutely 😀 😀 I want to go to England and see . . . everything. All the famous writers’ stuff, all the kings and queens’ stuff, all the WW2 stuff, and everythingggggggggggg else. Ohhh, Ireland! My sister went there. She said it was beautiful and magical and that the people were fabulous.


      1. Yes, I need to read more of Pratchett because I LOVED Wyrd Sisters and Maskerade. My kids adore his short story collection for kids, Dragons at Crumbling Castle. We have the audiobook version and the whole family loves it for long car trips. In fact, we’ve given it to three different sets of friends for their own car trip enjoyment! My son loves The Carpet People too, which was Pratchett’s first published novel and is actually junior fiction.


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