I love musicals.

I’m pretty sure nearly every right-thinking person on the planet loves musicals, although I wouldn’t vouch for the fact if you pressed me.  The point is, I LOVE THEM.

But I have a hard time picking a single favorite musical theater production.  Probably because I don’t have enough money to spend days/weeks/years haunting Broadway (heh), musicals tend to work themselves into my daily life in “bits and pieces” . . . a song here, a song there, during my writing time or studying time or what have you.  Hence, I don’t exactly have a favorite musical, per se, but I have a TON of favorite musical numbers.  Below are my top five.

5.  “So Big, So Small” from Dear Evan Hansen


“The house felt so big . . . and I felt so small.”

MOOD:  That feeling when your husband drives away with all his stuff in a UHaul, leaving you a single mom with a four-year-old boy, who then grows into a suicidal teenager with crippling social anxiety, and then you sit him down on the couch and sing him an achingly beautiful solo about the whole journey.

4.  “Drink With Me” from Les Miserables


“Drink with me, to days gone by . . .”

MOOD:  That feeling when you’re a hardened cynic, but all your college pals are dewy-eyed idealists who somehow got their hands on a bunch of Actual Guns, and you don’t have a shred of confidence in their crazy plot to overthrow the government, but you’ll bleed and die alongside ’em just the same.  Because friendship, somehow, seems worth it.

3.  “Dear Theodosia” from Hamilton


“You knock me out, I fall apart . . . and I thought I was so smart . . .” 

MOOD:  That feeling when you’ve never had a parent to provide love and security and you’re not quite sure love and security even exist in this world; and suddenly, you somehow have a child???  of your own???  to protect???  who let this happen?????

2.  “In a Crowd of Thousands” from Anastasia


“In a crowd of thousands . . . I’d find you again.”  

MOOD:  That feeling when the ethereal dream girl of your childhood reappears as a flesh-and-blood girl and sings a soaring duet with you, only to reveal she’s the long-lost heiress to the Russian throne and you can never have her.

1. “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar


“He scares me so . . . I want Him so . . . I love Him so.” 

MOOD:  That feeling when you meet a Man Who’s unlike any other man you’ve loved before, and you’re at a loss how to cope with your feelings but you know you’ll follow Him forever, and the only adequate outlet for those emotions is singing like a bird.


[P.S.  If this sounds slightly Dan Brown-ish, I assure you it isn’t.  It’s just a really beautiful and tasteful exploration of how deeply Mary Magdalene loves Jesus, and I highly recommend it.  Sara Bareilles is THE BOMB.]


How about you?

Do you love musicals, too?

What are some of your favorite songs?


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  1. M U S I C A L S 😍

    Musicals are my absolute favorite! The only song I’ve heard that you mentioned is “So Big, So Small” ( ugh, that song 😭 ) My favorite broadway songs are Waving Through a Window by DEH, literally anything from Newsies but in particular Santa Fe, Carrying the Banner, The World Will Know, Once and For All, and also Donny Novitski from BandStand. 😍


    1. “So Big, So Small” is so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Ugh.

      NEWSIES!!!! I adore Newsies!!! I saw it the Broadway show live a few years ago and freaked out super super hard. One of the greatest experiences of my life, honestly. *heart-eyes*


  2. I’m not a huge musical person in general, but there are a few that are my favorite ever, and I love them so much – I’m a fan of specific musicals rather than musicals as a genre. There’s something so powerful and immersive about theater, more than any other form of storytelling. Which I was thinking just before I read Allison’s author’s note to A Royal Masquerade, and she summed it up so well. (The train of thought was cause of watching something I’ll mention in a minute.)

    Stage musicals are the truly magical ones, but I do adore a handful of movies like The Sound of Music, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – two of my favorites. And then there are the utterly amazing, professional stage musicals my church’s youth group puts on every year – I swear no other group of high schoolers does so well, and our amazing director wrote my favorites. I got to be in it one year. 😀

    And guess what – I watched the Newsies Broadway film a month or two ago, and I LOVED ITTTT!!!! I’ve been wanting to tell you and fangirl together like, but I haven’t been able to message much, so i haven’t sent the reaction thoughts i wrote down for you. I may have become quite obsessed for a little while… It was amazing!!!!

    I assume if your list was longer, it would have “Seize the Day” or “Santa Fe” or another. :).


    1. I completely agree. I love what stage musicals are able to accomplish, the amazing range of emotion they’re able to convey, with just . . . one person . . . singing on a stage. That’s it, really. That’s ALL they need.

      NEWSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I’m so glad you saw it and enjoyed it!!! *jumps up and down* Oh yes, absolutely 😉 If this had been a top 10 list, I most certainly would’ve included my two favorite Newsies songs: “Brooklyn’s Here” and “Letter from the Refuge.” (“Letter from the Refuge” is so sad . . . *wipes tear*)

      And isn’t Jeremy Jordan just the greatest??? I didn’t get to see him live (sadly), but I still adore his performance. So much passion and electric energy.


      1. Me too. ❤ Yesss, I know!! And there's nothing like seeing a musical theater production in person – the emotion and characters and energy and story are so captivating and immediate. It's also awesome to perform in one, which i got to do in a huge production (as ensemble/crowd, of course – I'm no actress).

        Yessss!!! I am too!!!! I loved it, and now I know why you do too! I will send you my thoughts once I'm able. 😀 Cause I need to fangirl with you!! Ooh, those are great favorites! "Brooklyn's Here" is sooo fun and awesome! It was one of the ones that get stuck in my head for days. XD Though I'm actually surprised you'd prefer that to the more serious and powerful ones. And gahhh, "Letter from the Refuge" is so heartwarmingly bittersweet!

        YES, HE IS!!!! Exactly what you said. So awesome. 😀 I enjoy it too. Awww, that's a bummer, but you are sooo lucky to be a longtime fan AND have gotten to see it on Broadway!!! Did you see Corey Cott and Kara Lindsay?


      2. Wow, you got to be part of a musical? That must’ve been the best! ❤

        I LOVED getting all your fangirly thoughts 😀

        Haha! I'm honestly not sure why Brooklyn's Here latched itself onto my imagination in the way it did . . . except, Tommy Bracco as Spot Conlon is forever my favorite Newsie. *heart eyes* And I guess because I love the brotherhood and solidarity expressed in the song–these aren't "our" Newsies, they're from a different part of the city, but they're coming to help anyway because they CARE.

        I feel super super lucky! 😀 No. I saw the third cast–Joey Barreiro as Jack Kelly, and I forget who played Katherine.


      3. Yes, I did, and yes, it was the best!! My youth group has done one every year for many years, and it’s sooooooo well-done and powerful and professional, no matter which play they do. I only got to be in it one year, but it was such a memorable experience.

        Ahhh, thanks, I’m glad! It’s so nice to share them with you! 😀

        Awwww, yes, that makes total sense now why it would be your favorite song, since Tommy is your favorite Newsie! 😀 And ooooh, yes, what you said about the brotherhood and support! It’s definitely awesome and deep – and awesome musically as well (those harmonies!). 🙂

        Awww, cool!


  3. My favorite musical is Phantom of the Opera, followed by Wicked and The Sound of Music. (I get to see Wicked live for the second time next year, which is SO EXCITING. It hardly ever comes to our neck of the woods.) Song-wise, I have too many to list. From PotO it’s the theme song and “Wishing You Were Here Again” (which if you haven’t seen Sierra belt out on the 25th anniversary release, you’re truly missing something); from “Wicked” it’s probably “Defying Gravity.” I don’t have a favorite SoM song — it’d be all of them.

    Movie-wise, I love Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, Newsies, The Greatest Showman, and My Fair Lady. Les Mis was always something of a disappointment to me, sadly. If they’d have recorded a full performance of it like they did Phantom for the anniversary release instead of standing around microphones singing, I would have liked it more. (I did see it live, and unfortunately found it a bit bawdy.) Oklahoma is fun live, but I don’t really love any of the stage shows.


    1. You’re seeing Wicked?? That’s awesome!

      AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”!!! And I love it when Sierra sings it! Her voice is such a gift . . . it’s like liquid emotion in a bottle. (weird simile. sowwy :-P)

      You know, that disappointed me too??? The Les Mis anniversary concerts I mean. I felt like I *shouldn’t* be disappointed, because all the other fans I knew were so hyped for them to just stand around the microphones and sing. But privately I did wish they would’ve filmed an actual performance.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! I saw it the first time it came through on tour, but that was… like… 7 years ago? So yeah, hyped to go see it again (with friends my age this time, hah).

        Sierra’s the only Christine to make me cry over that song. So much emotion. So much feeling. So fabulous. I’m so glad I own that BluRay, so I could give away the dreadful big screen version. 😛

        I think if maybe I loved Les Mis, I wouldn’t have minded them just standing around and singing — but … put some effort into it. Put on a flaming SHOW.


      2. Exciting! 😀

        I love it when Sierra sings All I Ask of You, too . . . and Think of Me . . . she’s just so good.

        Right!!! How much more effort would it have really taken? And these people are all musical theater stars, they know how to act and sing at the same time!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Lazy. 😛

        I read yesterday that Andrew Davies is “sexing up” his adaptation of Les Miserables for the BBC. I think I threw up in my mouth a little. It’s fine to have Javert and Valjean be “sexless” — that’s part of the plot. He COMPLETELY missed the point of War & Peace, and now he’s possibly ruining LM? UGH.


      4. CRAP.


        That’s so dumb!!!! Not every character needs a sexual subplot to make them interesting!!! Valjean and Javert have a fascinating enough dynamic as it is . . . you can just explore THAT and you’ll have plenty of material . . .


  4. I am a massive musical fan. Les Mis and Wicked are my top two being tied. Also love Sound of Music, Annie, Beauty and the Beast, Rent, Newsies, Lion King, Music Man, South Pacific, among some others


  5. Musicallllllllls!!! Yassss!

    I should try that Dear Evan Hansen one–I’ve only heard a few of the songs from that musical.

    “Drink with Me,” “Dear Theodosia,” “In a Crowd of Thousands” . . . such good choices, all! I love musicals *happy sigh* I want to do some kind of post about them soon. 🙂

    Jesus Christ Superstar still gets one big Side Eye from me, honestly, so I’ll pass on that one. But thanks for your perspective on that song! I mean, from the little I’ve read about the musical, it kinda seems like it IS supposed to be Dan Brown-ish. So it was good to read your opinion on it and that you don’t interpret it that way.



      (Just. With a big box of tissues. Because Reasons. 😉 )

      Oh yes!!! I was thinking about you and your love for musicals when I posted this, actually ❤

      Okay, soooooooooooooooooo. There are different versions of this song, and I haven't seen all of them, but my general impression of THIS version (the Sara Bareilles one) is that it's not. Mary Magdalene is wrestling with her complicated emotions towards Jesus but there isn't anything *actually romantic* there.

      Ya know that meme with the guy and the butterfly? The "Is this . . . fill-in-the-blank" one? In this song, Mary Magdalene is basically the guy in the meme, "Is this . . . Romantic Love?" and she eventually decides that it's NOT, that it's a DIFFERENT kind of love. But honestly, I like that, because I can see that happening, when you meet Jesus irl and you don't realize at first that He is the Son of God and you're like, "wow, I've never felt like this before . . . how am I supposed to feel about this person?”

      #rambling I just have a lot of thoughts here 😉


      1. I did listen to that one song from DEH! And I love the message of “You Will Be Found” and how meaningful that’s been to so many people.

        Awwwww, really?! That makes me happy. 😀 ❤

        Huh, really? That's interesting, that there are different versions of it. (That meme analogy was good! You explained it well. :))

        No, no, you weren't rambling! I appreciated your thoughts. 🙂


  6. I LOVE MUSICALS!!! I actually had the opportunity to see Anastasia in October at the Peace Center, and as a Romanov fanatic and Broadway fanatic, I LOVED it! 🙂 I can play “In a Crowd of Thousands” on the piano.

    I may be going to see Dear Evan Hansen in July. I’ve listened to the soundtrack so much. The premise and message for it so important and personal to me. It’s honest, but hopeful, which is amazing. Two of my favorite songs are “You Will Be Found” and “Requiem.” 🙂

    I’ve heard so much about Hamilton, but I’ve not actually listened to any of the songs or seen it. Maybe sometime! 🙂

    Lots of rambles, but I could help it. 😉 ❤


    1. You’ve seen Anastasia live??? GIRL I am jealous! That must’ve been so awesome!!! *heart-eyes*

      Dear Evan Hansen is so wonderful. ❤

      Hamilton is super special to me because of the history angle, since American history is what I did in college . . . If you ever try it, I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

      I love rambles! I ramble a lot myself. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. YASSS MY FAVOURITE THING EVER!!!! MUSICALS!!! I could talk about them for dayyyys. 😀

    Excellent choices, m’dear! I love Dear Evan Hansen and So Big, So Small is SUCH a tearjerker!!! (I love a lot of those songs, but I’ve recently grown a fondness for the song “If I could Tell Her”. It’s just so… sweet.)

    Oh my gosh, ANY SONG FROM LES MIS. ❤ That's my favourite musical, (and I saw it live once which was AMAZINGGG and life-altering) and Drink With Me is so nostalgic and gahh.. *wipes tears*

    I've only listened to the full Hamilton soundtrack a couple times (it's SO long! :P) but I REALLY, REALLY liked it! I don't remember that song specifically but there were a bunch of excellent songs among them!!

    Oh! Oh! OH!!! *jumps up and down* Yes – I love that one! "In a Crowd of Thousands" is quite possibly my favourite song from Anastasia and that's saying a lot. 😉 I love all the songs from that musical… it's definitely a new favourite of mine. ❤ (I got the CD for my birthday too! Yay!! :D)

    I haven't seen or heard any songs from Jesus Christ Superstar because I agree with Olivia – frankly I always bypass that musical. (My parents were familiar with it and weren't very keen on it so I guess that's mostly why.) But I'm sure it would be a very emotional show.

    I've already mentioned some of my favourite musicals here, but in addition to that I love Wicked, Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera, My Fair Lady, Cinderella, Bandstand, NEWSIES… and I could go on. 😉



      Les Mis might be the finest musical ever written. Certainly the most epic. Just . . . yes.

      Oooooooooooooooooh that’s a fabulous birthday present! ❤ Anastasia is so magical *dreamy sigh*

      Hey, I respect that! 😉 I really like it and it means a lot to me.




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