The 10-Day Movie Challenge

Recently, the lovely Rachel Kovaciny-aka-Hamlette tagged me on Facebook for something called the “10-Day Movie Challenge.”

The rules are simple:  every day, post a picture from a movie that has affected you in some way.  No explanation, just the picture.

However . . . y’all know I’m pretty much incapable of referencing any movie without talking AT LENGTH about said movie; so I’m using this blog post as my golden opportunity to chatter away about the significance of my choices, without breaking the rules of the challenge.  Look what a public-spirited and law-abiding citizen I am.  Heh heh heh hehhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Right, here we go!

Day 1.  Lilo and Stitch


Ah, Lilo and Stitch.  This may quite possibly be my favorite one of all.  Remembering it, thinking back on the experience of watching it, consistently brings me a warmer, bubblier happiness than the memory of any other movie.  And that’s kinda saying something.

Plus, for a cartoon movie, it’s astonishingly bittersweet and poignant and delves pretty deep into serious issues like “how do you make sure your developmentally challenged sibling has a good life” . . . GAH.  #allthefeels

Day 2.  The Woman in Gold


Let me tell you a story.

One day, Mom and I were home alone.  For once, our 10-person household felt empty, and quiet.  I came downstairs late in the afternoon and said to my mother, “I just watched the most amazing movie about art theft during the Holocaust.  I think you’d love it.”

My mom–who doesn’t like movies–said, “show me.”

I showed her.  We sat side by side in our quiet living room and absorbed the entire thing in silence.  Then, we talked about it for hours afterwards.

I’ll never forget that day.  And I’ll never stop being grateful to the writers and actors of The Woman in Gold, who made it happen.

Day 3.  Stand By Me


Three words:  BABY. RIVER. PHOENIX.

Day 4.  Bernadette


After a childhood of utterly loathing ALL movies, and a teenager-hood of being oblivious to their existence, Bernadette was the first film I watched all the way to the end.  It was the first film to make me think, “huh, this stuff might be fun after all . . .”

Plus, it’s such a beautiful story in its own right.  Much love and thanks to Sydney Penny for the most luminous, otherworldly screen presence I could ever ask for.  And props to her for filming in French despite not knowing a single word of the language.

Day 5.  Thirteen Days


Steven Culp as Robert Kennedy is a smol angsty overachiever and I relate to him with my whole soul.

Day 6.  Infinity War


“I’m not looking for forgiveness, and I’m way past asking permission.”

Cap’s self-confidence and self-love in this movie gives me life, baby.

Day 7.  The Last Jedi


Okay.  A lot of people absolutely hate this movie, and that’s fine.  I don’t care.  But for me, The Last Jedi is second only to Rogue One in terms of Star Wars Fantastic-ness.  It’s incredibly special.  I do not exaggerate when I say The Last Jedi changed my life.  Luke Skywalker’s journey in this film helped me quit blaming myself for some veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ugly experiences I’d been hanging onto far too long; and just . . . yep.  This is what movies are meant to do.  Change people’s lives.  ❤

Day 8.  Dick Tracy


This movie is essentially a piñata explosion of life-size Crayola crayons; and if you don’t think that sounds like fun . . . you’re lyin’.

Day 9.  Rain Man


STOP MAKING ME CRY.  Curse you.  *shakes fist*

Day 10.  Coco


When I was a small child, I became close with an old woman who lived across the street from us.  Her name was Mrs. Knight, and she was my very first friend outside the family.  She was married during World War II, so that gives you some inkling of just how old she was.

We remained close the whole time I was growing up; but when I was in college, Mrs. Knight became ill with dementia.  The last time I visited her, the last time I saw her before she died . . . she didn’t recognize me.

I don’t quite have words to express how devastating that was.

So I needn’t tell you how hard I sobbed at the end of Coco, when Miguel’s great-grandmother gets a piece of her memory back.  Before, y’know, dying; because that’s fine, totally fine.

Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  I’m okay.  I promise.  I’m okay.  😛  (I’M REALLY NOT.)


So there you have it, folks!  My ten movies, plus the reasons behind each one.


Seen any of these?

Planning to see any of them?  

Let’s chat!  



15 thoughts on “The 10-Day Movie Challenge

Add yours

  1. Great post, Katie! I’m so glad you talked about each movie, cause each is a window into an important piece of your heart. ❤ Thanks for sharing!!


  2. *raises hand* Question.

    Do you think it’d be permissible to do this challenge on my blog, but as per the Facebook rules? Because I kinda like the idea of just posting several movie stills without explaining anything about them. Buuuuut I’m also not on Facebook. So. You see my predicament. 😛

    As for YOUR selections:

    Ahhhhhh, Lilo & Stitch. <33

    You've made me quite interested in Woman in Gold! I'd read somewhere (probably from some Cynic) that it wasn't that great, but now I'm thinkin' I ought to give it a try after all. That story with your mom is so cool. ❤

    Ahhhhhhh, Katie!!! *hugs* I didn't know that The Last Jedi had done that for you. (I mean, I knew you loved it–I remember our emails about it :)–and it had touched you, but I didn't know exactly, specifically how.) ❤ ❤ ❤

    Great post! 😀


    1. I think that’s a great idea! 😀 I’d love to see your choices!

      Cynic led you severely astray, then. The Woman in Gold is AMAZING. It’s a “quiet” movie, not flashy, but it’s a special one, all right. The emotions run deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. ❤

      *hugs* I'm really grateful for it! Yeah I didn't know how to put in words, at the time, what its effect on me was . . . but that was it. ❤

      Thank you! 😀 😀


  3. I’ve seen most of these. “The Woman in Gold” was very good, but then I always love me some Helen Mirren. 🙂

    It would be hard for me to do this challenge — but I guess there are a few movies that have made more of an impact than others. (First Jane Austen experience, etc. lol)

    I love “The Last Jedi” so much… but for no real reason other than it’s solid entertainment, I loved the force bond between Rey and Kylo Ren, and I hope they can redeem him in the last movie, because having the last SPOILER Skywalker die on the dark side would stink. 😛


    1. I do, too. I love every role I’ve seen her in, I think. She always has a sort of gravitas and weight to her, but this nice dry biting humor, too. Good combination.

      It’s such a GOOD MOVIE and it makes me sad that so many people didn’t enjoy it. That Force bond scene was . . . sheesh. I don’t even have any particular feelings about Rey and Kylo’s relationship as a Thing and yet it still hit me super, suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper hard when she said “You’re not alone” and they touched hands. It was beautiful. ❤

      I hope they redeem him too. I kinda feel like he's gonna die; but I want him to die as a good guy, not a bad one .

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think the first thing I noticed her in was “The Queen.” I LOVED that movie so much. She does have great weight to her performances. (She was also magnificent as Elizabeth I, in HBO’s series about the Tudor monarch. And now she’s lined up to play Catherine the Great!)

        It is a good movie. I think a lot of people don’t like it, because they sidelined the Rey/Finn “romance” by bringing in Rose (a rather dull character, most say) and by connecting Rey to Kylo Ren. Something … well, to be honest, the intuitives saw coming. LOL I liked everything about it, except maybe Luke’s “death.” It’s kind of sad, they won’t finish the trilogy out with any of the old characters.

        Yeah. If I had to guess, I’d say he’ll turn against Snoke — they will destroy each other. Rey seems to be his driving force. He betrayed Snoke for her … he might reject the darkness for her. We’ll see.


      2. She made a movie playing the Queen?? Oh yeah, I think I heard about that! Must DEFINITELY check it out.

        I mean . . . I don’t *like* Rose, per se, I did think she was a somewhat flat character; but the Luke/Rey/Kylo dynamic was so very fascinating that it EASILY made up for it, in my mind.

        I hope he does! Ya never know with these Skywalkers 😉


      3. Yeah, she won an Oscar for it, in fact. (I dunno if you like “slow moving biopics,” but I do, so I love both that and The Crown, which the same author writes. I guess I’m just a nut for shows about the royalty — but my interest in the royal family ends with her. I could care less about Prince William, lol.)

        I didn’t hate Rose, I found her cute, but the movie was a little “all over the place.” I think having J.J. Abrams back for the final film might help (I basically love all his stuff; he did ALIAS, he did FRINGE, he rebooted Star Trek, and he directed the first Star Wars prequel. So bring it on!!)


      4. I do rather like slow moving biopics, as long as there’s plenty of history and politics to be had–and I would imagine there is, in a movie about the Queen! 😉 Haha! I think William and Kate are cute and rather sweet, but not as intriguing.

        Yep! JJ is a good writer, definitely.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. The last time I saw Lilo and Stitch I really enjoyed it. It is so sweet.

    Yes!! The Last Jedi!!!! That is my second favorite SW after the original! Soooo many great things about that movie! Plus, it has my favorite line of the whole series. 😀

    COCO!!!!!!! To tell the truth, I didn’t want to see it. I thought it was going to be weird. But, my little sister conviced me to watch it. I have now seen it three times and have cried so much each time. It really means a lot more when you’ve know someone with dementia.

    I miiiight steal this….



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